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25 December 2012


checks23n-1-web.jpgStaten Island businessman’s $82 million in bad checks… in just two weeks

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Christmas brings fear of church bombs in Nigeria

2012-12-24T154904Z_1_CBRE8BN17YF00_RTROPTP_2_CNEWS-US-NIGERIA-CHRISTMAS.jpgMADALLA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Kneeling over a dusty grave on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital, 16-year old Hope Ehiawaguan says a prayer, lays down flowers and tearfully tells her brother she loves him.

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Bomb Found in Poso Police Station on Christmas

20121225133812355.jpgPoso, Central Sulawesi. A bomb was found in a police station in the Central Sulawesi town of Poso this morning, as local Christian communities celebrated Christmas. 

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Gunmen kill six at Nigerian Christmas service

nigeria-m_17.jpgnorthern Nigeria during a midnight mass on Christmas Eve, killing six people including the pastor, before setting the building ablaze, residents and police said Tuesda Gunmen attacked a church in

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Rotten Egg Attack Mars Indonesia Christmas Celebration

j0177947.jpgMore than 200 Indonesian Muslims threw rotten eggs at Christians wanting to hold a Christmas mass near land outside Jakarta where they plan to build a church, police and a witness said.

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Christian Indonesians Live In NJ Church's Sanctuary to Avoid Deportation

ht_church_sanctuary_tk_121224_wg.jpgThis Christmas marks Day 295 for a central New Jersey church playing host to a group of Indonesians living within its sanctuary.

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Father Christmas off air in Uzbekistan

_64881551_uzbek-santa-snowmaiden-families.jpgTelevision viewers in Uzbekistan looking for the familiar features of Father Christmas on their screens this year will be disappointed following an unofficial ban by the state broadcaster.

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Egypt tourism slump blamed on Islamist rule

465680-giza-pyramids.jpgFOR millennia, the Sphinx guarding Cairo's famed pyramids has gazed upon the rise and fall of civilisations and the passage of countless visitors.

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24 December 2012

Fear keeps Egypt’s Christians away from polls

954540707.jpgA campaign of intimidation by Islamists left most Christians in this southern Egyptian province too afraid to participate in last week’s referendum on an Islamist-drafted constitution they deeply oppose, residents say. The disenfranchisement is hiking Christians’ worries over their future under empowered Muslim conservatives.

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Salafist video threatens to take German hostages

46885.jpgThe three-minute video, posted on an Islamist page, praises the "lion Murat K." and promises, "We will not rest until we have freed you from captivity."

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18 December 2012

Two Igbo Students Killed By Gunmen In Kano

igbo-students-killed-in-kano-300x167.jpgThe non-Muslim population resident in the Muslim dominated northern Nigerian State of Kano continues to suffer death in the hands on the native Kano indigene.

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