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13 April 2017

Muslims attacked Christians over prayer in Egypt

T1492127045aeeb21220aa8eb178761fff26cb1a9c0image.jpg&w=500&h=281&.jpgA Copt from the village of Koum El Loufi in Minya screams;
The attacks of all the Muslims of the village on the Copts, even women and children, and why Christians in the village received a security permit to pray in the house of a Christian.
After the Mass, we SURPRISED  hundreds of Muslim residents of the village. They beat us SHOUTING "Islamic ...Islamic " AND  insulting the Cross, AND Christian religion and EGYPTIAN POLICE dispersed the Muslims without arresting them.

A few hours later, the assaults were resumed at 12:00 Am after the Muslims who burned 5 houses of the Copts in the village, including Issa Saroufim and Girgis Rizk. Security forces arrested a young Coptic Christian Daniel Boutros for allegedly burning his house and an uncle's house. thats how the Egyptian's police deal wih the copts.
Appeal to Al-Sisi and Minister of Interior please help the christians in the village .

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