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14 April 2017

Egypt : Coptic boy slaughter in Beni Suef

T14921949063fc0744cd38fcf71869a9b760d127452image.jpg&w=572&h=321.75&.jpgT149225336064c356a47fb135ec22bf21a7f00e5040image.jpg&w=572&h=321.75&.jpgReported the discovery of the body of a "boy" slaughtered and dumped behind the building of the agricultural association in the village of Gai of the center.

Col. Mahmud al-Sharif, head of the mabahith, told the al-Balagh website that the body of a child named Jamal Allam Bashai, 15 years old, was a first-grader, with an ulcer in the neck.

T14922461733670e1dd9fa3e199f1bcbc93d046f321image.jpg&w=500&h=281&.jpgThe preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, resident of Ezbet Saaideh of Nuweira village, was returning from a private lesson in the village of Qai. He called his mother and told her to finish the lesson and wait for the conductors to return. It was delayed for 4 hours. The parents found him dead and slaughtered. He answered



by Amgad Zakhari

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