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22 November 2012

Rimsha Masih: Blasphemy charges dropped against Christian girl

Rimsha_2403695b.jpgA Pakistani court has dropped all charges against Rimsha Masih, a young Christian girl who provoked a global outcry when she was arrested for blasphemy in August.

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UK: Muslims to denounce Malala as apostate for standing up to Taliban

_41894966_flagcredit203.jpgThis will put the threat of being murdered over her head for the rest of her life. "Islamic hardliners announce fatwa on Malala Yousafzai," by Rob Crilly in the Telegraph, November 19:

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From wedding dress to suicide vest: How Russian Islamic convert kissed her daughter goodbye and blew herself up at cleric's home

article-0-1618702B000005DC-323_634x421.jpgarticle-0-1617F220000005DC-625_634x470.jpgBrought up as an Orthodox Christian by her mother, Aminat Kurbanova looked a picture of happiness at her wedding nine years ago - marrying the man with whom she had fallen in love at drama school

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Michigan church bans Islamic prayer from service

First%20Congregational%20Church.jpgChoral director Jeffrey Cobb told his singers and orchestra – roughly 180 local adults and teens drawn from college, a high school, and churches – that a pastor barred an Islamic prayer from the piece they planned to sing.

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Egypt's Churches Pull Out of Constitution Panel

954540707.jpgCAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt's churches have pulled out of a panel dominated by Islamists that is writing the country's post-revolt constitution, state television announced on Saturday

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Blackburn school will close if Islamic primary takes all pupils

saha.jpgPARENTS and governors are gearing up to fight to save a Blackburn school facing closure to make way for East Lancashire’s first state-funded Islamic primary.

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18 November 2012

Christian convert from Islam beheaded

dont-kill-me.jpg'His body was split into two, then carried away, only to be dumped near the beach'

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New York: Convicted jihad mass murder plotter starts singing Qur'an verses in court

333273-quran-1328677840-227-640x480.jpgAs a Muslim, it is my duty to invite you into this great religion.” And yet it is official U.S. policy that what Adis Medunjanin tried to do has nothing to do with Islam or the

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France: Muslim Student Attacks Professor Who Didn't Respect Islam

sharia-for-france.jpgA Muslim, studying for the curiously-named "master monde musulman" [Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.

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Father Christmas Has Become a Muslim

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgAs I've noted before, one form in which the special malignancy of Islam expresses itself is in the apparent need Muslims feel to show their scorn for other religions. For example, each year, we see them step up their jihad

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Secret MI5 dossier: Hate preacher Abu Qatada issued orders to kill British citizens after 9/11

article-2234589-16163175000005DC-667_306x423.jpgHate preacher Abu Qatada issued orders to kill British and American civilians after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to a secret MI5 report seen by The Mail on Sunday.

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