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18 November 2012

New York: Convicted jihad mass murder plotter starts singing Qur'an verses in court

333273-quran-1328677840-227-640x480.jpgAs a Muslim, it is my duty to invite you into this great religion.” And yet it is official U.S. policy that what Adis Medunjanin tried to do has nothing to do with Islam or the

Qur'an. And so as government and law enforcement continues willfully blind to the motives and goals of those who are trying to destroy us, it is unlikely that their luck in thwarting their plots will hold forever.

"Al Qaeda-trained wannabe subway bomber sings Koranic verses as he's sentenced to life in jail," by Mitchel Maddux and Doug Auer in the New York Post, November 17:

...The Queens man who trained overseas with al Qaeda and plotted a suicide bombing on the city’s crowded subway system sang Koranic verses in open court today as he was sentenced to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

Bearded terrorist Adis Medunjanin, 28, broke out in song as he, defense attorney Robert Gottlieb and federal prosecutors stood at the foot of Judge John Gleeson’s bench in Brooklyn federal court.

In fact, Medunjanin wearing a black suit and white dress shirt, announced his intentions to Gleeson.

"I would like to be praising God in Arabic,” he said. "As a Muslim, it is my duty to invite you into this great religion.”

After singing prayers in Arabic, Medunjanin read verses from the Koran in English as his parents, sister and extended family members watched from the gallery.

He then launched into a verbal assault on the US and blasted its foreign policy and overseas wars, condemning torture and mass killings.

"I ask you, what is democracy? What kind of system endorses torture? I ask you, is this really the best system that humanity has ever produced?"...

Gottlieb said Medunjanin was a “happy,” “smart” boy with a “promising” future, but became more religious as he grew older and was disturbed by seeing violence, such as drone strikes, against Muslims in the Mideast....



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