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12 January 2013

Explosion hits shop in South Lebanon

An explosion hit a shop for selling alcoholic beverages in South Lebanon, a local television station reported.

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09 January 2013

British soldier killed by 'imam' in Afghanistan insider attack

6.jpgA British soldier has been shot dead by a rogue Afghan soldier in Helmand province in the first British death of the year.

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Preacher alarms many in Egypt with calls for Islamist vice police

r.jpg(Reuters) - Many Egyptian viewers were horrified when preacher Hisham el-Ashry recently popped up on primetime television to say women must cover up for their own protection and advocated the introduction of religious police.

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More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student

IRAQ_-_autobomba_mosul_ok.jpgMosul (AsiaNews) - More Christian blood was shed today in Mosul, northern Iraq. A Christian university student was in fact killed by a car bomb, a day after the body of a 54-year-old Christian teacher, Shdha Elias, was found, her throat cut.


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MyJihad in Tanzania: Muslim cleric tells converts to bury their Christian parents as if they were dead dogs

Once again we see that the real "hate" doesn't come from those trying to resist Islamic supremacism, but from those who are propagating it. "Muslim clerics warned against hate sermons," from The Citizen, January 7 (thanks to Twostellas):

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Iraqi 'benefit cheat refused to declare £36,000 in savings from father claiming it would have broken Sharia Law'

Unemployed Majid Hussain given money by father to spend on his children

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06 January 2013

Op-Ed: Christian Arabs, You are Next

Coptic01.jpgChristian Arabs are cosying up to the Muslims, but it will do them no good. They, too, are on the Jihad list. This includes a noted Palestinian Arab columnist who has revealed his true colors in an article for Arab media.

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Muslim Brotherhood took ‘billions’ from Obama: Egypt lawyers

WB_Feb_2013.jpgEgypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been accused of taking 10 billion Egyptian pounds (U.S. $1.5 billion) from the American government, according to claims by Egyptian lawyers

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MyJihad in Serbia: Kosovo Muslims destroy Serbian Orthodox monastery

"The whole world stood up on his feet because of a cartoon of Muhammad, but when all monasteries and churches destroyed, no one responds." indeed. "Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Assumption of the Virgin Destroyed," by Kisha D. Dorado for OCP News Service, January 4 (thanks to James):

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Exclusive: Cleric may have booked pre-9/11 flights for hijackers, FBI documents show

220px-Anwar_al-Awlaki_sitting_on_couch,_lightened.jpgThe FBI suspected within days of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that the American Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki may have purchased tickets

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01 January 2013

Syria rebels 'beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs' as fears grow over Islamist atrocities

article-2255103-16B282D6000005DC-681_634x433.jpgChristian Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped and beheaded by rebel fighters in northern town of Ras Al-Ayn on the Turkish border

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