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22 November 2012

Michigan church bans Islamic prayer from service

First%20Congregational%20Church.jpgChoral director Jeffrey Cobb told his singers and orchestra – roughly 180 local adults and teens drawn from college, a high school, and churches – that a pastor barred an Islamic prayer from the piece they planned to sing.

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Blackburn school will close if Islamic primary takes all pupils

saha.jpgPARENTS and governors are gearing up to fight to save a Blackburn school facing closure to make way for East Lancashire’s first state-funded Islamic primary.

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18 November 2012

New York: Convicted jihad mass murder plotter starts singing Qur'an verses in court

333273-quran-1328677840-227-640x480.jpgAs a Muslim, it is my duty to invite you into this great religion.” And yet it is official U.S. policy that what Adis Medunjanin tried to do has nothing to do with Islam or the

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NYC man sentenced to life for role in foiled 2009 suicide-bomb plot against subways

s011798367.jpgA Bosnia-born U.S. citizen has been sentenced to life behind bars for his role in a foiled suicide-bomb plot on New York City subways in 2008.

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12 November 2012

Majority of US Muslims Voted for Obama

obama_muslims.jpgCAIRO – Making a new voting record in US elections, the majority of American Muslims have voted for President Barack Obama re-election last Tuesday, emerging as a voting bloc that has played a pivotal role in swing states.

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08 November 2012

James Washington Death Bed Confession: Man Admits Murder During Heart Attack, Survives

s-JAMES-WASHINGTON-DEATH-BED-large.jpgJames Washington almost got away with murder.

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Obama win may be good news for Pakistan flag-makers

ALeqM5gJw6ss4lBZfwD2298EJaq7rwZ1lQ.jpgRAWALPINDI, Pakistan — Many Pakistanis fear President Barack Obama's re-election will mean a surge in America's unpopular drone campaign, but for those making and selling US flags to burn at protests this could be good news

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Woman gets probation after 'beating daughter and burning her with hot spoon' for speaking to a boy at school

article-2099695-11AD1764000005DC-288_233x342.jpgAn Iraqi mother was sentenced to two years' probation after she was accused of beating her teenage

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22 October 2012

Obama Campaign Held Muslim Townhall at Terror-Linked Va. Mosque

obama_muslims.jpgIn case you missed this: be warned. It is state approved propaganda in defense of the Obama campaign and poor Muslims. Read at your own risk. via Obama campaign holds Muslim outreach event - POLITICO.com.


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Obama on Libya: 'If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal'

9998343021.jpgPresident Obama vowed Thursday to fix any problems that contributed to the deaths of four American foreign service personnel during last month's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, saying that when "four Americans get killed, it's not optimal."

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18 October 2012

FBI thwarts New York Fed bomb plot

121017_new_york_fed_ap_605.jpgA man was arrested Wednesday morning in downtown Manhattan for allegedly attempting to bomb the New York Federal Reserve Bank building, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

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