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21 June 2012

Over 75% of Egyptian Americans Voted For Islamist

0002.jpgWhile Egyptians inside Egypt were split in their vote in their recent election, Egyptians living in the West were overwhelmingly in support of the

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16 June 2012

Husband, female friend indicted in killing of Muslim wife during Ramadan stroll

000.jpg(CNN) -- A New Jersey grand jury handed down a 17-count indictment Thursday accusing a man and his female friend with shooting and killing the man's wife -- and also shooting the man himself, in what prosecutors say was an attempt to blame a murder on "terrorists."

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Congressional Leaders Call for Investigations of Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the Obama Administration

0002.jpgresponsibilities to investigate whether their agencies are being subjected to influence Five influential Members of Congress called yesterday for the inspectors general (IGs) of government departments with national security

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Muslim sues NYPD for refusing to hire him after he said homosexuals should be locked up

charleneelder.jpgRemember: wherever Islamic law and practice and American law and practice conflict, it is American law and practice that has to give way. The NYPD probably

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08 June 2012

Will You Boldly Proclaim

"I am a Christian"? Sign the pledge now! billygraham.org/I-am-a-Christian

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05 June 2012

Nancy Pelosi Hires Former Terrorist Fundraiser

Picture-2.gifIn 2000, he oversaw a week of events that raised money for Islamic terrorists murdering Jews. From 2005 until the present, he oversaw a left-wing blog whose contributors used language that

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30 May 2012

Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

obama_muslims.jpgThe violence in northern Nigeria is mistakenly viewed as a religious conflict rather than simply a tribal dispute over land, according to the Obama administration.

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12 May 2012

Kansas lawmakers pass ‘Sharia’ law bill

Obama_muslim.jpgTOPEKA -- A bill that would ban the use of foreign legal codes in Kansas courts — broadly written but particularly aimed at Islamic “Sharia” law — is on its way to the governor

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Naming Street for Cop Killed at Mosque Could 'Open Old Wounds,' Locals Say

0000000000000.jpgHARLEM — Harlem community board members told NYPD representatives that they need to hear the opinions of imams at two Harlem mosques before deciding whether to rename a street after a cop killed 40 years ago at the Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7.

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04 May 2012

Al Qaeda terrorist convicted over New York subway plot

childrenbinladen.jpgAn al Qaeda member who plotted a suicide bomb attack on the New York subway system has been convicted following testimony from a British terrorist.

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No dates, no slow songs and definitely no prom king: The all-girl high school dance where boys are banned

000.jpgA Michigan high school has staged an all-girl prom.Hamtramck High School, a school near Detroit with a significant Muslim population, put on the strobe light-filled event last Saturday night.

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