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10 October 2012

Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'

obama_muslims.jpgHe's worn band on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle

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05 October 2012

Janet Jackson plans $20m wedding with Qatari billionaire; converts to Islam

4003020483.jpgThe extravagant wedding is set to take place in 2013

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Led By Osama Bin Laden's Friend Sheikh Abdullah Zakiri, Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan Issues Fatwa Against Anti-Muhammad Movie, Urges Islamic Nations To Wage Jihad Against America

article1347423681a5217b695ec5350e785d6c3ec830de9931.jpgThe Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan (Alliance of Afghan Islamic Scholars), which is headed by Osama bin Laden's friend Sheikh Abdullah Zakiri, has issued a fatwa urging the rulers of Islamic countries

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Militant group claims Ambassador Stevens killed by 'Lions of Islam'

9998343021.jpgThe online newsletter for a militant group linked to the Libya consulate attack boasted that U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed "at the hands of the Lions of Islam."

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NY State Sen. Breaks Silence About Why He Walked Off Stage at Muslim Day Parade: ‘Attack on Our Country’

Tony-Avella-300x171.jpgIt has taken four days to get a comment from NY State Senator Tony Avella’s office, but the hard-to-reach elected official has finally responded to TheBlaze regarding why he left the stage during NYC’s Muslim Day Parade

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25 September 2012

Muslim Parade Day 2012: Black Flag of Islamic Jihad on Top of White House

muslim-parade-day-jihad-flag-white-house.jpgEvery year, Muslims organize the "Muslim Parade Day" in New York to project Islam's peaceful image to Americans. This year's event was held yesterday, 23 Sept. 2012.

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22 September 2012

White House won't denounce "Piss Christ" after repeatedly denouncing Muhammad movie

Obama_muslim.jpgDouble standards and dhimmi pandering exposed. Christians don't kill people for being insulted, and Obama knows that. "WH Silent Over Demands to Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ Artwork," by Todd Starnes for Fox News, September 21:

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New Jersey Imam: Free speech critical of Islam a 'national security threat'

2f328f715ab913446f7b9a982cac9d61.jpgAccording to Mohammad Qatanani, Imam of one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, free speech that is critical of Islam poses a national security threat and "should be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security," The Blaze reported Thursday.

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Pakistani TV shows US ads condemning anti-Islam film

obama_muslims.jpgPakistani TV channels are airing an advert showing news clips of US President Barack Obama condemning an anti-Islam film made in the US.

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Convert to Islam arrested for bomb threat at UT-Brownsville made in retaliation for derogatory comment about Islam

HenryMcFarland.jpgSee? If it were illegal to make derogatory comments about Islam, Henry Dewitt McFarland III, convert to Islam, would never have had to make his bomb threat. He

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15 September 2012

Moroccan man sentenced to 30 years in U.S. bomb plot

 2012-09-14T163033Z_1_CBRE88D19V000_RTROPTP_3_USREPORT-US-USA-CRIME-CAPITOL_JPG_475x310_q85.jpg(Reuters) - A federal judge sentenced a Moroccan man to 30 years in prison on Friday after he was caught in an FBI sting operation planning to detonate a bomb in the U.S. Capitol building, prosecutors said.

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