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04 March 2012

Chicago Police Dept. Embraces Hamas Front

Chicago_Police_and_Hamas.jpgThe Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is exploiting recent criticism of the New York Police Department's surveillance of a Muslim students group and some mosques to acquire legitimacy and intimidate police departments to promise not to investigate Islamic groups.

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26 February 2012

Iran: Burning White House will compensate for burning of Quran

obama_muslims.jpgTehran- An Iranian commander has added his voice to the condemnation of the U.S. military actions in burning copies of the Quran in Afghanistan.

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Verizon drops Muslim cable channel A YEAR after owner beheaded his wife at TV studio

article-2106255-11E67A9A000005DC-628_468x286.jpgarticle-2106255-11E66948000005DC-199_468x506.jpgMuzzammil Hassan lured wife to office and stabbed her 40 times after she asked for divorce

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18 February 2012

Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'

harper640.jpgA Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire.

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09 February 2012

N.C. Muslims rally around suspects in beheading plot

000.jpgWILMINGTON, N.C. — As a Muslim woman waits in jail for word on a possible indictment in her alleged involvement in a murder-for-hire beheading plot, her friends and family are using social media to rally support for her cause.

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07 February 2012

Chalk Up Another One For Islam in the PR Battle

obama_muslims.jpgEven after all these years, journalist-socialite Sally Quinn still embodies a Washington way of thinking – a heart-of-

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04 February 2012

Philadelphia City Council Introduces Resolution Denouncing Anti-Foreign (Sharia) Law Bill [UPDATED]

Obama_muslim.jpgPhiladelphia City Council members Curtis Jones, Jr. and Maria Quinones Sanchez have introduced Resolution 120031, which sends an overnight package straight to Harrisburg containing one (1) middle finger. The Resolution, as yet unnamed, “Urg[es] the Pennsylvania General Assembly to

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ICE deporting 95 Christians to Majority Muslim Indonesia

christian-flag.jpgDOVER Time is running out for the first group of 95 Indonesian nationals who will be deported to their homeland beginning next week after living and working in the Dover area for about 14 years.

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Couple charged in marketing scam involving ‘halal' Muslim food

124207.gifA federal grand jury has indicted a Lawrenceville couple for stealing $300,000 from the U.S. government in a scheme involving the foreign sale of foods designated "halal," or meeting the dietary guidelines of the Muslim faith, authorities said Thursday

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Immigrant U.S. helped to relocate to Colorado from Uzbekistan charged with supporting Islamic terrorism Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2094815/Immigrant-U-S-helped-relocate-Colorado-Uzbekistan-charged-supporting-Islamic-terrorism.html

  • He fled his country dressed as a woman in 2007
  • Accused of providing support to Islamic Jihad Union
  • Lived with family in Denver working as a truck driver

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Jihad Denial in New York

one2.jpgA controversy has broken out this week that epitomizes how bold the Islamic supremacist forces in the U.S. have become, and how weak and supine those who are charged with protecting the public have become

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