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12 September 2012

What is Ansar al-Sharia?

000.jpgThe gunmen believed to have killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya are thought to be linked to a group called Ansar al-Sharia. The Daily Beast sorts out what we know.

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Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama Administration Over Response To Libya, Egypt Attacks

obama_muslims.jpgThe campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called the Obama administration's handling of a violent and contentious day at two American facilities in the Middle East "disgraceful" in a

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Libya: American killed in attack on US consulate in Benghazi

402.jpgSpokesman for Libya's supreme security committee says member of staff at consulate has died following clashes.(http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/sep/12/american-kill...)

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US Consulate in Libya, following Egyptian protest at US embassy

091112_fr_egypt_640.jpgURGENT: A Untied States envoy and three others were reportedly killed in an attack on the American embassy in Libya, unconfirmed reports say.

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11 September 2012

Muslims Arrive in Large Numbers at the DNC

imagine-wtc-400.jpg The Democratic National Convention was held in North Carolina this past week as the presidential race moves into its

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Mahmoud Yousef Hindi Charged With Killing David Merritt In Homeowners Meeting Shooting

 s-MAHMOUD-YOUSEF-HINDI-large.jpgA Louisville man accused of opening fire at a homeowners association meeting, killing one and critically wounding another, was ordered held on a $1 million bond Saturday at an initial court hearing where a prosecutor called him "the epitome of danger to the community."

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04 September 2012

Petition : join me in signing this petition and pass it on.

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpgTell Congress: Minorities at Risk in the Middle East (CLICK HERE)

03 September 2012

Muslims from abroad are thriving in Catholic colleges

000.jpgDAYTON, Ohio >> Arriving from Kuwait to attend college here, Mai Alhamad wondered how Americans would receive a Muslim, especially one whose head scarf broadcasts her religious identity

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01 September 2012

Tennessee: Muslim sues security company for making him remove his kufi before entering Juvenile Justice Center, demands $300,000 damages

Whenever Islamic law and practice conflict with American law and practice, it is the latter that must give way, on pain of charges of "Islamophobia." Never mind that caps

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29 August 2012

UC rejects anti-Semitism resolution

obama_muslims.jpgThe University of California says it won't support a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on campus - approved unanimously by the state Assembly on

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Democrats Embrace Siraj Wahhaj: Supporter of Cop-Killer, Al Qaeda and Hamas

000.jpgIn just a few days, the Democratic National Convention “kick off events” week will include its first ever “Jumah (Arabic for gathering) at the

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