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18 November 2012

Christian convert from Islam beheaded

dont-kill-me.jpg'His body was split into two, then carried away, only to be dumped near the beach'

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France: Muslim Student Attacks Professor Who Didn't Respect Islam

sharia-for-france.jpgA Muslim, studying for the curiously-named "master monde musulman" [Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.

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Father Christmas Has Become a Muslim

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgAs I've noted before, one form in which the special malignancy of Islam expresses itself is in the apparent need Muslims feel to show their scorn for other religions. For example, each year, we see them step up their jihad

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12 November 2012

German School Pupils Now Regularly Receive "Birthday Beatings" From Muslim Classmates

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgInstead of congratulations and gifts there were bruises to the face and arms: A Neukölln school pupil was so badly beaten by his schoolmates on his birthday that he required

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08 November 2012

Denmark: Muslim majority in local board cancels decades-old Christmas tradition, finances Eid party with 10,000 USD

s-NO-CHRISTMAS-large.jpgThe final remark about a "lack of tolerance and inclusiveness from the new majority" is probably the most important. Translated by Nicolai Sennels, dr.dk "Muslims cancel Christmas celebration in housing area":

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'Non-Muslims who accept Najib's leadership are zimmi'

88532abf1b0439f5f9788b7012fd9236.jpgNon-Muslims who accept the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul

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06 November 2012

Moroccan Group Hacks French Literary Website "To Teach You the Real Message of Islam"

piratage_mel_morroccan_hunters.pngThe French Maison des Ecrivains et de la littérature [House of writers and literature] website was hacked last Friday by a bunch of Moroccans calling themselves the Moroccan Hunters. This was to protest against insults to Mohammed and teach us "the real message of Islam".

Mum in heartbreaking plea for return of Atiya

at1.jpgThe mother of a missing girl abducted by her father says she prays her “little bundle of joy” is safe and well, three years after she was taken.

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Thug 'knifed British soldier to death in bar fight in Cyprus while high on drugs after North-South row' as three UK tourists are arrested over murder

article-2228090-15DB39D1000005DC-483_198x395.jpgarticle-2228090-15DB388D000005DC-374_204x395.jpgarticle-2228090-15DC5A75000005DC-850_198x395.jpgarticle-2228090-15D91EB7000005DC-937_308x473.jpg                                         A British soldier killed in Cyprus was targeted by a gang of thugs high on drugs and carrying flick-knives who had a ‘score to settle’, a court heard yesterday.

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Christian doctor killed in Abu Dhabi: no news, not even from India

INDIA_-_EMIRATI_ARABI_UNITI_(F)_1105_-_Omicidio_medico_cristiano.jpgMumbai (AsiaNews) - A "gentleman" with a strong faith in God and with an unwavering sense of duty: thus Dr.

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Somalia Militants Use ‘Ex-Christians’ To Bomb Kenya Churches; Pastor Killed (Update)

kenya-map.jpgNAIROBI, KENYA (BosNewsLife)– Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab uses

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