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01 January 2013

Mexican Narcoterrorist Region May Abandon Catholicism for Islam

mexico-drug-cartel-620x345-450x250.jpgIt would seem as if Bishop Ruiz’s brand of Liberation Theology has had the same effect on Chiapas as on Europe. Chiapas is poor, but it’s now also 

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Libya church blast kills two Egyptians: embassy

egypt-attacks-on-coptic-christian-protesters.jpgAFP - An explosion rocked a Christian Coptic church near the western Libyan city of Misrata on Sunday, killing two people and wounding two others, all of them Egyptians, an Egyptian diplomat told AFP

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Malaysia: Muslim leader says Christians should stop demanding religious equality

Where did Ismail Ibrahim get the idea that there was something wrong with Christians asking for equal rights in a majority-Muslim state? Has he been reading Islamophobic literature?

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28 December 2012

Priest shot in suspected Muslim attack

priest.jpgThe Christmas Day shooting happened as the Catholic priest was returning home from his church

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12 December 2012

Imam death trial to open

TUCSON (AP) — Jury selection is set to begin in the trial of a man accused of killing an Arizona imam over a Quran interpretation more than two decades ago.

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Muslims comprise of 48 % of jail inmates in WB

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgKolkata: According to a recently released report of 'Prisons Statistics - 2011' by the National Crime Bureau, the Muslim percentage of inmates in West Bengal is disproportionately high.

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Church Hosting Muslim Public Affairs Council Receives Emails ‘Dripping with Hate’

20121209_all_saints_church_pasadena.jpgFor yet another example of how emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood has become in the U.S. and the naive blindness of the general public, Muslim

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06 December 2012

Christian Deported from Maldives for Bringing in Literature

454187-cross-1350691484-960-640x480.jpgNEW DELHI (ANS) -- Authorities in the Maldives held a Bangladeshi Christian in jail for 23 days before deporting him for bringing Christian literature into the South Asian archipelago that claims to be 100 percent Muslim.

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Muslim bombs Arizona Social Security office with IED, media blackout ensues

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgAll too typical. "UPDATED: Iraqi refugee arrested for bombing Arizona Social Security office with IED, media silence ensues," by Patrick Poole at PJ Media, December 2:

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30 November 2012

Judge: Christian evangelists can sue Muslims

Dearborn32-340x168.jpgA federal judge has ruled that Christian evangelists who were arrested at a Dearborn, Mich., festival sponsored by the Arab Chamber of Commerce can sue the business organization

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27 November 2012

Top Ten Most Dangerous Travel Destinations: Dominated by Islamic Law, Socialism

61e006856bbf6018aba2ebba8b68e52a.jpgThe magazine Travel and Leisure just recently released its annual listing of the world's most dangerous countries. The chief intent of the article was to simply warn or advise travelers of the dangers that might exist in traveling to certain countries or areas within countries that pose a verifiable risk.

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