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29 July 2012

National security, the Muslim Brotherhood and Sec. of State Clinton’s top aide

0002.jpgSen. John McCain has become a left-wing media darling for defending Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin against truthful charges that she has

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25 July 2012

Fides reports rebel Islamists killing Christians in Syria

302963_241704215879381_168150923234711_619937_879203653_n.jpg(AGI) Rome - The Fides news agency has reported on groups of rebel extremist Islamists "terrorising people in Damascus"

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Kashmiri acid attack victim let down by law

gul-naaz_350_071912040002.jpgShe waited for justice for seven years but it was all in vain. Gul Naaz came to know earlier this week that a court has exonerated the men accused of throwing acid on her and leaving her disfigured for life

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20 July 2012

Teenager shouts 'Allah is great' in Arabic as he tries to grab the Olympic flame from hands of terrified torch bearer

article-2176424-1423F5F5000005DC-181_634x356.jpgBoy runs from crowd and attempts to wrestle flame from torch bearer shouting Arabic for '(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176424/London-20...)

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18 July 2012

Please watch it .

205187_154322697965619_100001636704915_328510_1588017_n.jpgStopping Mosque Building in Europe (YouTube)
(Video) A man who has been successful against the Saudi campaign to Islamize the West tells his audience to hold the line

14 July 2012

Arsenal ban Islamist preacher from Emirates Stadium

christian-flag.jpgArsenal Football Club banned an Islamist preacher from a conference held at the Emirates Stadium last weekend, after complaints from season ticket holders

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Egyptian Islamist faces trial for indecent act

article-2156889-1387C305000005DC-929_237x347_popup.jpgCAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian Islamist politician will face trial on public indecency charges after being caught in a compromising sexual act with a young woman in a parked car, the state news agency said on Thursday.(pic of Ali Wanees)

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06 July 2012

Church property and kidnapping charge: Police act cautious

ISLAMABAD, July 3: City police Tuesday avoided a property dispute turning into a religious dispute by deciding to inquire before registering kidnapping charges against the head of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Sector F-8/4.

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FRANCE: Outraged at being turned away by nightclub, Muslim gunman returns and kills 2, wounds 5…media covers up that he’s Muslim

61286369_015217445-1-300x168.jpgMost English language reports fail to mention that the suspect is a Muslim. But a French source provides his name, photo, and the fact that he may have fled back to North Africa.

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24 June 2012

Bosnian Muslims guilty of war crimes

l302963_241704215879381_168150923234711_619937_879203653_n.jpgocal court on Friday sentenced two Bosnian Muslim brothers to six years in prison for killing two Serb civilians during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia.

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21 June 2012

Over 75% of Egyptian Americans Voted For Islamist

0002.jpgWhile Egyptians inside Egypt were split in their vote in their recent election, Egyptians living in the West were overwhelmingly in support of the

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