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29 November 2011

Egyptian Cleric Mahmoud Amer: A Muslim Is Not Allowed to Vote for a Non-Muslim

Mahmoud Amer: "What I said was that a Muslim is not allowed to vote for someone who objects to the implementation of the Shari'a, who is not passionate about the Shari'a, and who does not include it in his political platform." […]

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26 November 2011

Journalists sexually assaulted covering Egypt unrest

121.jpgTwo female foreign journalists on Thursday described harrowing sexual assaults carried out by crowds or police as they tried to cover demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square

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22 November 2011

Secret Video Shows Egyptian Police, Security Staging Attack on Copts

954540707.jpg(AINA) -- Millions of people world-wide have seen videos of Egyptian Army trucks chasing and crushing Christian protesters under their wheels during the events of the Maspero Massacre on October 9, which claimed the lives of 27 and injured 329 Christians (AINA 10-10-2011).

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20 November 2011

Egyptian Coptics attacked, dozens slightly injured

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpg(CNN) -- Hundreds of Coptics marching in Cairo Thursday were attacked by unknown assailants.

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13 November 2011

Egypt Christians abroad tell US persecution is “crime against humanity”

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpgCAIRO: Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the United States have sent a letter to American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, imploring her to take more action against what they termed a “crime against humanity” facing the Christian population in Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood.

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10 November 2011

Female Salafist candidate is using her husband’s photo on campaign posters

640x392_33999_176372.jpgA female candidate in Egypt from the conservative Salafist party al-Nour is campaigning in an interesting manner: instead of putting her face on her campaign posters, she is using the likeness of her husband.

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07 November 2011

Egypt Randomly Arresting Copts for Maspero Massacre

293358_240330702683399_168150923234711_615818_231183076_n.jpg(AINA) -- Egypt's Military Prosecutor decided on November 3 to continue the detention of 34 Coptic Christians for another 15 days, pending investigations on charges of inciting violence, carrying arms and insulting the armed forces during the October 9 Maspero Massacre, which claimed the lives of 27 Christians and injured 329 (AINA 10-10-2011).

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04 November 2011

Egypt: Salafists veil statue of sirens in Alexandria

954540707.jpg (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, NOVEMBER 2 - The shapes of the mermaids that embellish the fountain of Zeus in the centre of Alexandria have been deemed "inappropriate" by the Salafist Al Nour (Light) party, which decided to "veil" them completely with a sheet during a meeting yesterday evening

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01 November 2011

Top Muslim Declares All Christians ‘Infidels’

infidel1vivi-vi.jpgTo what extent was Egypt’s Maspero massacre, wherein the military literally mowed down Christian Copts protesting the ongoing destruction of their churches, a product of anti-Christian sentiment?

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Egyptian Sheikh issues fatwa prohibiting votes for Christian, secular candidates

954540707.jpgCARIO: Mohammad Amer, a Salafi Sheikh in Damanhur, Egypt, issued a fatwa prohibiting votes for any Christian, secular or liberal candidate, as well as any Muslim candidate who does not pray daily or call for the implementation of Shariah law.

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29 October 2011

Coptic Christians Protect Monastery From Egyptian Army Assault

motv1.jpg(AINA) -- Hundreds of Coptic Christians mobilized on Tuesday in front of the Monastery of the Virgin and St. John the Beloved, located on the Desert Road from Cairo to Ismailia. Although the Monastery has the necessary permits, the army had sent a message to

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