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28 April 2011

Egypt:Disappearance of 15 Christians girls (Coptic )in mysterious circumstances

coptic_girls.jpgProgress Mamdouh Ramzy and Naguib Gabriel Attorneys for Pope Shenouda complaint to the Chancellor this morning the Attorney-General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud disappearance of 15 girls a Christian in mysterious circumstances ..

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Muslim Brotherhood leader: Islam is the Answer to Price Hikes

003.jpgOf course Islam is an economic solution, because in the Qur'an, obedience to Allah brings prosperity. So if Egypt is suffering economic woes, it is because it is not Islamic enough. And if Egypt does become an Islamic state and still doesn't prosper, the Jews are always there to blame

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26 April 2011

Collective Punishment of Egyptian Christians For Death of Two Muslims

20101131713569-142586.jpg(AINA) -- After the death of two Muslims on April 18 sectarian violence broke out in the southern Egyptian town of Abu Qurqas El Balad, in Minya Governorate, 260 KM south of Cairo. One Christian Copt was killed, an old woman was thrown out of her second floor balcony and ten Copts were hospitalized. Coptic homes, shops, businesses, fields and livestock were plundered and torched.

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GLOBAL JIHAD Christians flee from coming Islamic law Muslim overthrow of African nations leaves Copts terrified

1051208363.jpgAs Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood declares its intent to institute Islamic law, intelligence sources report al-Qaida is staging attacks in the Middle East nation, prompting concern that Coptic Christians soon will be driven from their homeland

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23 April 2011

Crowds Protest Christian Governor in South Egypt

governor-150x150.jpgThousands of Egyptians leaded by assertive Islamists raised their protests over the selection of a Coptic Christian governor in southern Egypt, intensifying disbelieve among religious communities in the rutted consequences of Egypt’s revolution.

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20 April 2011

Egypt’s Christians Flee amid Islamic Threat

By cbn.com

66080473-series-blasts.jpgEgypt’s Christians are looking for ways to leave the country over concerns radical Muslims are gaining power in wake of President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster.

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18 April 2011

URGENT: Copt killed at the hands of the Salafie in Sohag,Egypt

7rk.gifSohag Church sources said the death of a Coptic by a group suspected to be affiliated with the Salafis, the sources said that "Joseph Helmy, " which he saw lying in hospital in serious condition, after being with his two brothers (Joseph, John) died today.

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Christian governor named in S.Egypt, protests flare

By Dina Zayed and Mohamed Abdellah


CAIRO (Reuters) - Muslims in southern Egypt protested for a third day on Sunday over the appointment of a Christian governor, saying his predecessor, also a Christian, had failed to solve their problems

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16 April 2011

Conservative Muslims protest against Christian governor in Egypt

Cairo - Thousands of conservative Muslims protested in the southern Egyptian province of Qina Friday against the appointment of a new Christian governor. 

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14 April 2011

Radical Islam on Rise in Egypt, Christians Afraid

The Muslim Brotherhood is active throughout the Islamic world and there's concern that the group is taking over the revolution that swept Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt.

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12 April 2011

Disappearance of a Coptic Woman in Egypt.

The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) has received disturbing news of another disappearance of a Coptic woman in Egypt. The extended family of the victim named Heba Adel, reside in Sydney and they received a request for assistance from Heba’s husband in Egypt.

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