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11 March 2012

Jimmy Carter: I trust Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

385472_184980054929916_184978978263357_376493_675074155_n.jpgIn the face of warnings by the Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to tear up the Arab nation’s peace treaty with Israel if U.S. aid is cut, former President Jimmy Carter, the chief negotiator of the 1978 deal, says he trusts the Islamists to do the right thing no matter what. The reason: because they told him so.

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04 March 2012

$5M paid to buy freedom for rights workers held in Egypt

Seven American rights workers are on a plane out of Egypt after the U.S. paid nearly $5 million in bail costs to secure their freedom.

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Egypt Christian man jailed for insulting Prophet

954540707.jpgCAIRO: Egypt has jailed a Christian man for 6 years on charges of showing contempt of religion and insulting the Prophet Mohamed, the country’s state-owned al-Ahram newspaper reported on Thursday

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27 February 2012

Threats to kidnap Adel Imam’s grandchildren

adel_imam_3.jpgThe Al Jeezah Police Station west of Cairo has ordered an immediate investigation in the recent threats received by prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam to kidnap his five grandchildren. The actor had received numerous text messages on his cellular phone by anonymous individuals threatening him to kidnap his grandchildren.

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22 February 2012

A New Year of ‘Dhimmitude’ for Egypt’s Copts

CopticChristiansEgypt.gifFor Egypt’s Christian Copts, the New Year began with threats that their churches would be attacked during Christmas mass (celebrated on January 7).

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18 February 2012

After surviving sectarian mob, Egyptian Christians expelled from village

Sharbat, a village near Alexandria in Egypt..jpgThe case sends a worrying signal that Egypt's new parliament is allowing a Mubarak-era system of local justice to trump the rule of law.

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14 February 2012


302120_1.jpgEUROPE must be “more confident in its Christianity” and stop “suppressing” its heritage for fear of discriminating against minority religions, a Government minister will say today.

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Egyptian Presidential hopeful says women must wear veil

954540707.jpgEgyptian Presidential hopeful Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail has angered women in Egypt by saying he would force women to wear the hijab if he is elected as President

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09 February 2012

Muslim Council in Egypt Evicts 8 Christian Families, Seizes Their Property

asuat el salam.jpg(AINA) -- National and international rights groups have consistently criticized the recourse to the so-called "reconciliation meetings" -- dubbed "Bedouin sittings" --

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07 February 2012

Egypt’s Christians, post-Mubarak

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpg“We don’t feel as safe as before,” said Georges Nader, an Egyptian Copt who lives in Cairo. A year after the revolution that led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Nader said that the number of Egyptians Copts fleeing the country was on the rise.

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04 February 2012

Killing of Copts in Upper Egypt turns up heat on police

954540707.jpgThe drive-by shooting of two Christians in Naga Hammadi on Friday has inspired large-scale protests against the city's police forces for failing to protect citizens

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