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27 November 2012

No more women drafting Egypt’s constitution

mhs_5403.jpgCAIRO: Egypt’s constituent assembly tasked with drafting the new constitution no longer has any women the committee after the only woman remaining on the council has quit in protest

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22 November 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Traffickers Threaten To Kill Eritrean Christian Hostage

Sinai_Terrorist-300x198.jpgCAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- Time was running out Thursday, November 22, for an abducted Christian Eritrean man in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula after his kidnappers told him to pay $25,000 or face “organ harvesting” and be killed, he and Christian rights activists said.

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Egypt's Churches Pull Out of Constitution Panel

954540707.jpgCAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt's churches have pulled out of a panel dominated by Islamists that is writing the country's post-revolt constitution, state television announced on Saturday

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08 November 2012

Egypt Salafists briefly take hold of Coptic Christian land

954540707.jpgCAIRO: As tensions between Egypt’s Christian minority and the Muslim majority continue to

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06 November 2012

Missing Christian girl may spark sectarian strife in Egypt

640x392_15089_247401.jpgEgyptian Salafi Front statements about a missing Christian girl may cause sectarian conflict, the national council for women spokesperson warned Thursday, Al Masry Al Youm news site reported.

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29 October 2012

Five Egyptian Copts injured in inter-religious violence

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpgFive Egyptian Coptic Christians were injured Sunday in clashes with Muslims at a church in a village south of Cairo, security sources said.

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Al Qaeda's Zawahri calls for kidnap of Westerners in Egypt

954540707.jpgAl Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria's rebellion and ensure Egypt

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Alexandria Salafists open fire on liberals, striking workers in Eid sermons

Religious holiday sees the coastal city's Islamist figu2012-634868680039784204-978.jpgres step up their calls for Sharia law and demand President Morsi show 'strength' towards both the labour movement and his liberal opponents

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18 October 2012

Muslim Gang Attempts to Kidnap Egyptian Christian Mother, 4 Dead

marzouk0.jpg(AINA) -- Ali Hussein, a 35-year-old Muslim gang leader, entered the home of a Coptic Christian family in the village of Abdelmassih in Deir Mawas on at 7 A.M. on

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09 October 2012

Muslim Egyptian Lawyer and His Sons Attempt to Demolish Church

ddad0872-9d92-4261-821f-87020aeb7789.jpg(AINA) -- Mohammad Mostafa Kamel, a Muslim prosecutor at the Alexandria Criminal Court, and his two sons, aided by some hired Muslims, broke into the church of the St. Mary in Rashid at 4 PM today and demolished a great part of its alter. They came to the church with front loaders

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05 October 2012

Egypt Christian boys, 9 and 10, taken from parents, arrested after accused of desecrating Qur’an

quran1-300x199.jpgCAIRO: Two Egyptian Christian children, Nabil Rizk, 10, and Mina al-Farag, 9, have been taken from their parents and arrested after a Muslim

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