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29 August 2011


(ANSAmed) - PRISTINA/BELGRADE, AUGUST 29 - EULEX, the European civilian mission in Kosovo, today announced the appointment of U.S. prosecutor John Clint Williamson as head of the team that

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28 August 2011

Norway: Christian Convert Attacked With Boiling Water By Muslim Asylum Seekers

asylum-seeker-in-norway-attacked-with-boiling-water-and-acid-for-converting-to-christianity-and-failing-to-fast-for-ramadan.jpgthen attacked him with acid, for non-compliance with Ramadan. Five Christians vs. 150 Muslims – Just the kind of odds RoP adherents like:

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23 August 2011

Italy: Bigamist immigrant's wife reports husband over rival spouse

immigratii04--400x300.jpg(AKI) - The second wife of a longterm Muslim immigrant in Italy has reported her husband to police after authorities allowed his first wife to join the household in the northern city of Treviso from Senegal.

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16 August 2011

Teenager Beaten Up For Failing To Comply with Ramadan Fasting

france1.jpgBeating up the kids is all in the family this Ramadan in Culturally Enriched™ France, it seems:

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09 August 2011

'Fatwa' sheikh with links to Irish Muslims is refused visa

sheik_i_947647t.jpgA CONTROVERSIAL religious leader with close links to Ireland's largest Muslim organisation has been banned from entering the country, the Irish Independent has learned.

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04 August 2011


00000000000.jpg(ANSAmed) - ROME, AUGUST 4 - The use of the death penalty to implement the Sharia, Islamic law, continues to increase year by year: in 2010 there were at least 714 executions, against 658 in 2009 and

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01 August 2011

Italy: Thirty-five injured when migrant protest turns into riot

polizia_anticortaeo---400x300.jpg(AKI) - Around 35 people were injured Monday in southern Italy when people held in a migrant detention camp near the city of Bar staged a protest that turned into a riot.

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02.jpg(ANSAmed) - PARIS, AUGUST 1 - The number of Muslims in France who respect the Ramadan fast is growing, young people most of all. Ramadan started today at dawn. A survey carried out by Ifop and

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27 July 2011

Kosovo: Vice president of ruling party indicted for war crimes

kosovoo-01--400x300.jpg(AKI) - A special Kosovo prosecutor has indicted Fatmir Limaj, vice-president of ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, for crimes against Serb and Albanian civilians during 1998/99 Kosovo war of independence, local media reported on Monday.

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24 July 2011

Muslims Complain Of Being Initially Blamed For Norway Atrocities

oslo-attack-smoke.jpgBy, um, Raja Abdulrahim of the LA Times. The highly developed, terror-linked US Islamist lobby industry never misses a trick:

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23 July 2011

Building To Be Reconstructed Into Mosque For Muslim Community In Athens

tzami1.jpgThe Greek government will finance the reconstruction of building structures into mosques for the Muslim community in Athens. Estimated to cost less than 15 million, the existing plans for the mosque will serve 500 faithful Muslims.

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