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25 September 2012

"We are all with Osama": Violent Muslim protests in Greece, Bangladesh, elsewhere

002.jpgHow long before laws criminalizing criticism of Islam are formulated, ostensibly so as to quiet these riots? "Prophet film protesters clash with Greek police," from the Associated Press, September 23 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

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22 September 2012

Head of Muslim Association in Greece Labels PM Samaras “Biggest Racist”

timthumb.jpgWhat is the purpose of adding oil to the fire when there is already tension anyway? Head of Muslim Association in Greece labeled

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Germany postpones posters aimed at countering radical Islam

002.jpgBERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Interior Ministry has postponed at the last minute a poster campaign advertising a hotline aimed at countering radical Islam because of fears it could have incited violence by extremists.

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07 September 2012

Controversial imam out at Northeastern

London_muslim 6.jpgNortheastern University has informed a controversial religious leader that he would no longer be recognized as the school’s Muslim chaplain. Abdullah Faaruuq, who is the imam

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Mallorca: Female Traffic Wardens Withdrawn From Area Around Mosque Because of Insults

france1.jpgOnly male traffic wardens are now active in the mosque area in Palma's Pere Garau district. Dornier, the company responsible for the concession, made the decision after various

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25 August 2012

Prelate laments desecration of churches in Cyprus

20100614_IslamDominate.jpgSpeaking at Communion and Liberation’s annual meeting in Rimini, Italy, the primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus discussed the

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Hospital Terror In Denmark

20120821-odense.gifIt is a very dark, but little known, underside to the multicultural nightmare that western European societies are fast becoming. Hospitals, among the most

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24 August 2012

Cinema warns moviegoers about “annoying” Muslims

eid-photo.jpgA poster that appeared in the window of Copenhagen’s Palads theatre Saturday night warned patrons that due to Eid, the end of the Muslim fasting month of

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22 August 2012

Bin Laden Bodyguard Discovered in Germany

German-Muslims2.gifThose wishful-thinking diehards who believe Europe will eventually come to its senses regarding its security interests and reverse its suicidal tolerance of militant Islamists in its midst received a ringing slap in the face earlier this month.

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16 August 2012

Swedish rape-jihad: "police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm"

article-2094815-118C3CEE000005DC-501_468x340.jpgThe capital of Sweden is probably also the European capital of rape. Since Swedish police, politicians and media do their best to cover the Muhammad-factor, we have to look at neighbouring Scandinavian countries for a reasonable explanation:

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27 July 2012

Top Italian Hotel Agrees Muslim Porter Won't Have to Take Orders from Woman Boss

VeniceView2-500x250.jpgThis is a good example of the insidious process of self-degradation that the Muslim presence inevitably triggers in any civilised country.

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