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16 August 2011

Teenager Beaten Up For Failing To Comply with Ramadan Fasting

france1.jpgBeating up the kids is all in the family this Ramadan in Culturally Enriched™ France, it seems:

young man of 17 years was found tied up in an apartment in Miramas, Bouches-du-Rhone. He was reportedly assaulted by a family member for failing to comply with the fast of Ramadan.

The youth was found tied up in an apartment in Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhône), Sunday evening about 22 hours. Rescue, police and firefighters responded after being alerted by neighbours, who were concerned about groans emanating from the house. A water leak was also observed from the apartment below.

Rescuers found the teenager with his wrists and ankles shackled. His body showed signs of beatings.

The victim then told investigators he was struck by a family member for failing to comply with the fast of Ramadan, which began on Monday 1st August. RMC said that the assailant at the root of violence is the brother of that young person. The victim’s family also accused the young man of regular misconduct, such as consumption of cannabis resin. The family, of Algerian origin, were be seen as “very strict” in the neighborhood [surely you mean 'pious'? - Ed].

The victim himself was born in Algiers and is of French nationality. The violent treatment he suffered justified the prescription of 15 days of temporary total incapacity (ITT) by the doctor on duty who had tested the adolescent.

Although it will inevitably be argued by the usual chorus of apologists that this was an ‘isolated incident™’, there is only one religion that incites and offers myriad excuses for Muslim families to turn on themselves.

[Source France Soir, with additional translation by ourselves. Via Islam in Europe.]

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