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15 March 2010

Barack Obama must pull US troops out of Afghanistan, says Indonesian cousin

Soetendro_1596733c.jpgBarack Obama must pull American troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq if he wants to fulfil his dream of reconciling the Muslim world and the West, according to his Indonesian cousin.

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More BB attacks agsinst gays in SF...

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08 March 2010

Muslim women fight restricted access to mosque

muslimwomenstory.jpgA group of Muslim women have risked arrest as they sought to pray in the main area of the Islamic Centre of Washington -- an area ordinarily reserved exclusively for men.

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01 March 2010

HOMELAND INSECURITY : Muslim leader implodes on air Key critic of Rep. Sue Myrick exposed as radical by radio jock

Jibril_Hough.jpgA Muslim leader who has tried to portray the founder of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus in Washington as an extremist "hatemonger" was himself exposed as an extremist on a popular radio program

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21 February 2010

Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education

sharia.jpgRemember the Muslim Television executive, Muzzammil Hassan, who decapitated his wife near Buffalo, New York? His TV station, Bridges TV, was created to promote the idea that Islam is a religion of peace and friendship. This station’s goals perfectly fit with the

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20 February 2010

Arizona Prosecutors Won’t Seek Death Penalty in Honor Killing

almaleki420-420x0.jpgRemember the case in which Faleh al-Maleki, an Iraqi-American father brutally ran over his daughter, Noor, in Arizona, then attempted to escape but was apprehended in Britain and returned to face justice?

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16 February 2010

Wife of airline liquid bomb plotter 'prayed he would achieve highest level of martyrdom'

article-1251478-084DF084000005DC-666_233x533.jpgThe wife of the extremist who led the plot to kill hundreds of jet passengers prayed he would achieve the highest level of Islamic martyrdom, a court heard today.

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Obama's Islamic Envoy Quoted Defending Man Charged With Aiding Terrorists

hussain_al-arian_doomsday_604x341.jpgPresident Obama's new envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, Rashad Hussain, is at the center of a controversy over remarks attributed to him defending a man who later pleaded guilty to conspiring to aid a terrorist group

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15 February 2010

Texas Democratic candidate for governor espouses racism and is a truther (did I mention he's Palestinian??)

0002.jpgWith the leftist media atwitter about Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina's truther views, it also bears mentioning that one Democratic candidate and

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01 February 2010

California to add halal meals for Muslim criminals

3593.gifAnd Californian’s will be paying the additional cost for Muslims to eat meat prefaced with the phrase “Allah Akhbar” before slaughter. The same phrase shouted before

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28 January 2010

Virginia man had weapons cache, grenade launcher stashed in N.J. hotel room

00.jpgBRANCHBURG -- A Virginia man who once spent eight years on the run from naval investigators was arrested in Somerset County early today with a trove of high-powered weapons, including a grenade-launcher and two assault rifles, along with maps of a U.S. military base and a civilian neighborhood, authorities said.

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