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19 August 2010

Meet The Muslim High School Football Team That Practices From 11PM To 4AM

u1_fordson-football-scholarships-219x151.gifA predominantly Muslim high school football team in Dearborn, Michigan practices from 11pm to 4am during the daytime-fasting month of

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13 August 2010

(UPDATED) An Iranian Connection to the Cordoba House Ground Zero Mosque?

imam_arijani_for_bayefsky_article_8-12-10.jpgA Cordoba-Iranian connection? What exactly is “Islamicity”?

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11 August 2010

EDITORIAL: Tax dollars to build mosques

mosques_2047_s400x243.jpgThe State Department is sending Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque - on a trip through the Middle East to foster

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07 August 2010

Mosque on fast track, but Greek church waits

gz2.jpgShame on Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the members of his Landmarks Preservation Commission for voting 9-0 to allow the building of a Muslim mosque at ground zero in New York City.

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03 August 2010

9 Dead In Manchester, Conn. Workplace Shooting

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Nokia-Logo.jpgNokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, has launched a range of offers for the upcoming month of Ramadan, which will start next week. The various applications include one relating to the

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30 July 2010

Evangelical Leaders Pan Qur'an Burn Plan

koran%20_%20nienawisc%20do%20niemuzulmanow.jpgEvangelical leaders blasted a Gainesville, Florida, church's plans to burn Qur'ans on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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25 July 2010

Cultural Defense Accepted as to Nonconsensual Sex in New Jersey Trial Court, Rejected on Appeal

sept04lebx27x1.jpg The record reflects that plaintiff, S.D., and defendant, M.J.R., are citizens of Morocco and adherents to the Muslim faith. They were wed in Morocco in an arranged marriage on July 31, 2008, when plaintiff was seventeen years old. The parties did not

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24 July 2010

Muslim Group Not Moving in to Staten Island Convent

mosque.jpgLeaders at a church in Staten Island have decided not to sell the parish's convent to a Islamic group.

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22 July 2010

US-British Couple Admit Terror Hit List Lies

15669128.jpgAn American man and his British-born wife have admitted lying about drawing up a terror hit list of 15 people they wanted to target.

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Man behind "South Park" threat arrested

Cartman_611557b.jpg(Reuters) - A 20-year-old Virginia man, who posted warnings to the makers of animated TV show "South Park" in April, was arrested on Wednesday on

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