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19 August 2010

Meet The Muslim High School Football Team That Practices From 11PM To 4AM

u1_fordson-football-scholarships-219x151.gifA predominantly Muslim high school football team in Dearborn, Michigan practices from 11pm to 4am during the daytime-fasting month of

Ramadan. Since they practice at night, the players can eat and drink before, during, and after practice.

Fordson High’s coaches realized that kids doing two-a-day practices in the August heat without eating or drinking probably wasn’t the best idea, so they looked for a feasible work-around:

Cutting practice wasn’t an option at football-crazy Fordson, which is coming off a one-loss season and has won four state titles and three runner-up seasons since it was established in 1928.

But nobody wanted to lessen the significance of Ramadan in the Detroit suburb widely known as the capital of Arab-America.


Working it out meant getting the approval of school and district administrators and the blessings of players, parents and police. Then, there were the residents in the surrounding neighborhood, who would hear more noise and see the illuminated field. So he sent letters explaining the decision.

My question is: how did they do training camp before they concocted the whole “practice at night” thing? Two-a-days are tough, but without food and drink? Wow, brutal.



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