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20 January 2010

Muslim groups lose 'lawfare' battle Islamic leaders employ U.S. legal system to silence journalist

Art3.jpgA group of Islamic organizations has lost another battle in its "lawfare" against freedom of speech across the nation with the rejection by the Texas Supreme Court of a demand that it review the writings of an Internet journalist.

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06 January 2010

Legal Jihad to Silence Christian Action Network? – by Ryan Mauro

cover.jpgA group called the Muslims of the Americas is threatening to sue the Christian Action Network (CAN) for a YouTube video where an MOA member is confronted at the Muslim Day Parade in Washington, D.C. in September by several citizens

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05 January 2010

Dearborn Students Wear Shirts Glorifying 911~Video

Students-911-shirt-Mich.jpgApproximately 15 “Arabic” students in a Michigan High School, have shown us just how much they respect the victims of 911. Once again we see that, Islam and Muslim immigration should have never been allowed here.

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24 December 2009

US group uses Times Square to promote Islam

cairiammuslim_4591_3689.jpgDUBAI (Mona Moussly)An American Muslim advocacy group launched a massive advertisement in New York City's famous Times Square on Tuesday in a bid to present to millions of Americans a "fair" and "accurate" portrayal of Islam.

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A Georgia middle school’s lesson on Islam

images.jpgDo you know what your kids are learning at school? About Islam?

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03 August 2009

Airport chapels removing Christian symbols

airliner_landing.jpgATLANTA, GA  - While U.S. airports often have chapels, many of them no longer display crosses or other symbols that would make them specific to a particular faith.

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02 August 2009

Welfare money-maker for senior Bey

Hewseal.gifTo supplement his income at Your Black Muslim Bakery, founder Yusuf Bey hid his paternity of some of his 42 children so their mothers could

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01 August 2009

After Nearly 2 Weeks, New Albany Teen Still Missing

image_missing_teen_280.jpgCOLUMBUS, Ohio — Police on Friday were still looking for information about a central Ohio

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20 June 2009

Michigan: Judge says Arab Christian group can't roam freely and give out literature at Arab festival

Is this America? Now Arab Christians don't have the same rights that Arab Muslims do at an Arab festival in the United States of America? They don't have the right to free exercise of their religion?

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05 May 2009

U.S. military destroys soldier's Bibles

The U.S. military is confirming that it has destroyed some Bibles belonging to an American soldier serving in Afghanistan

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21 April 2009

Abraham Lincoln was Born a Muslim, Says Film Maker

abraham_lincoln.jpgBarack Hussein Obama is not alone. The 16th President of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, was born a Muslim, says Faruq Masudi, producer and director of the new Islamic movie, Quran Contemporary Connections.

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