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20 January 2010

Muslim groups lose 'lawfare' battle Islamic leaders employ U.S. legal system to silence journalist

Art3.jpgA group of Islamic organizations has lost another battle in its "lawfare" against freedom of speech across the nation with the rejection by the Texas Supreme Court of a demand that it review the writings of an Internet journalist.

The state's highest court rejected a petition submitted by the Muslims to review a ruling from the 2nd District Court of Appeals that dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought against Internet journalist Joe Kaufman.

As WND reported, Kaufman wrote an article for the online FrontPage Magazine exposing terrorist connections in two American Muslim groups. He then was sued by a swarm of Islamic interests, none of which were even mentioned in the article.

Joe Kaufman

The lawsuit technique is called by some "legal jihad" or "Islamist lawfare." The Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Kaufman in the lawsuit, explained Muslim advocates are using the strategy to bully online journalists into silence.

"It is gratifying to see a courageous citizen like Joe Kaufman withstand the legal intimidation of a well-financed lawsuit aimed at shutting down his right to speak out against the threats of radical Islam," said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center.

Madhi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Freedom Foundation, a political arm of the Muslim American Society in Dallas, called on his audience to "lawyer up" and fund additional cases, Thompson explained.

The case against Kaufman is an example of Muslim groups using American laws and its legal system to silence critics and promote the Islamic agenda in America, said Thompson.

A similar case has been filed over the publication of the book "Muslim Mafia," which documents exhaustively Islamic subversion of America through the Council on American-Islamic Relations and related groups spawned by the international Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of al-Qaida and Hamas.


Dear Friends, By the grace of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ the muslims and their perfidious ways are going to be defeated not only in America but also throughout the world.

Posted by: Hany | 20 January 2010

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