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28 February 2017


cvg.jpgA European nation becomes a rape capital -- due to its immigration policies

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26 February 2017

Copts (Christians of Egypt) flee Sinai after suspected ISIS attacks








Dozens of Coptic Christians have left Egypt's Sinai Peninsula after a string of jihadist attacks killed three Christians in the restive province, church officials said.

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24 February 2017

Christian father is shot dead and his son is burned alive in Egyptian ISIS hotbed days after the group vowed Christians were its 'favourite prey'

  • real islamThe father, in his 60s, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in North Sinai
  • His son, who was a Coptic Christian like his dad, was burned alive on Wednesday
  • The area of North Sinai has become a stronghold for Islamic State in Egypt
  • Their bodies were discovered at dawn behind a school in the city of  El-Arish


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VIDEO: Islamic State calls on followers in Egypt to slaughter Christians

ISIS-in-Egypt.jpgIn a newly released 20-minute video, ISIS’ media wing in Egypt encouraged fellow jihadists to terrorize and kill Christians across the country.

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Iraqi migrant 'raped 13-year-old girl at train station then fled Germany to Hungary'

angela-merkel-to-pay-millions-muslim-migrants-voluntarily-leave-germany-isis-298x186.jpgAN Iraqi migrant has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old girl at a German railway station.

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Syrian migrant on trial in Austria over 20 murders

Screen-Shot-2014-05-13-at-11.22.17-AM.pngA Syrian migrant went on trial in Austria on Wednesday for allegedly executing 20 wounded government soldiers in his home country.

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23 February 2017

Two migrants arrested for allegedly raping man

2ae4ff1ea8950dfcb0ed0af03ab0e7c5.jpgIncident took place at Brindisi train station

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New Jersey school : No God But Allah....

IslamicInfiltrationsign620x465-vi.jpgNJ Parents Concerned About Islam Emphasis in Curriculum

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22 January 2017

Migrants on trial for 'torching refugee housing after food was served during Ramadan'

Refugee-centre-fire-migrant-arson-trial-756812.jpgTWO migrants are on trial for arson after allegedly torching their own refugee housing in a protest at food being served during Ramadan.

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Covering Up Armenian Genocide

  • 2217.jpg"In all of these operations children were part of the general population targeted for wholesale destruction. In many instances they were also subjected to separate and differential forms of mass murder." — Professor Vahakn Dadrian, in Children as Victims of Genocide: The Armenian Case.

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19 January 2017

Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 38 Per Cent in France

maxresdefault-vi-e14415284783261-300x168.jpgAnti-Christian attacks in France rose by 38 per cent in 2016, a pressure group has said.

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