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18 September 2012

Children with beheading signs an outrage, says Scipione

DP_Protest-20120915174210544762-80x80.jpgNSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says he was outraged to see children holding signs that called for the beheading of anti-Islamists at a Sydney protest

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27 August 2012


femsale-rape-victim-in-UAE-still-traumatized-26_8_2012.pngIslam traumatizes.

Lets not forget that the ‘jet set’ still loves to frequent that Muslim state, spending their wealth to live in the lap of luxury. The society’s shell may be 21st century, but its inner core is still in the 7th.

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01 August 2012

Too much faith in our money, or vice versa

jihad kids.jpgA strange way to represent the Muslim faith in Australia - by ripping off students and taxpayers:

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13 April 2012

Gang rape accused to face trial

674197-muslim-conference.jpgThree Shepparton men have pleaded not guilty to the alleged gang rape of a 21-year-old Bendigo woman in central Victoria last year.

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12 January 2012

Convert feared kidnapped by Muslim hardliners

0000000000000.jpgThe husband and friends of an Iranian refugee missing since last month fear she has been kidnapped by Islamic extremists because of her efforts to convert Muslims to Christianity.

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04 November 2011

Outrage as Muslim extremist Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon's website attacks dead Diggers

121920-ibrahim-siddiq-conlon.jpgFEDERAL police are investigating a heartless website campaign by a Muslim extremist desecrating the memory of fallen soldiers.

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05 October 2011

Spreading the word

002.jpgA council is spending ratepayers' money to make Muslims feel more at home, by funding workers to spread the word of Islam.

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08 September 2011

Sydney Islamic school told of payment breaches

THE principal of a Sydney Islamic school that has been paying millions of dollars in rental and management fees to Australia's peak Muslim body was given advice three years ago that the practice was likely to be in breach of government guidelines

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Scared Muslim let off police shooting

A MUSLIM terror suspect who wounded a policeman in a gunfight escaped conviction on serious shooting charges after a judge found "anti-Muslim sentiment" made him fear for his safety.

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31 August 2011

ASYLUM seekers are allegedly rioting at the Darwin detention centre after two fires broke out on a Muslim holy day.

478786-smoke-in-roof-of-darwin-detention-centre.jpgA source inside the centre said no detainees were allowed to attend Darwin Mosque today to take part in the festivities.

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06 August 2011

Dad forbids daughter to play with non-Muslim children

infidel1vivi-vi.jpgA DAD told his young daughter it was forbidden to play with non-Muslim children, a court has been told.

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