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31 July 2011

Man accused of Facebook bomb threat

art-353-facebook-200x0.jpgA CLEANING business owner used Facebook to threaten to ''kill all Christians and Jews'' and bomb Sydney, police allege

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20 July 2011

2nd Muslim charged in whipping attack in Australia

674197-muslim-conference.jpgSYDNEY (AP) — A second Muslim man was charged Wednesday in connection with an attack on a recent convert to Islam who was allegedly whipped 40 times as a religious punishment for drinking alcohol

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18 July 2011

Intruders whip Silverwater man, 31, for drinking

A SYDNEY man who was held down on his bed and whipped up to 40 times by strangers had recently converted to Islam and was reportedly being punished for drinking.

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17 July 2011

Man lashed 40 times during home attack

A man has been lashed 40 times with a cable after he woke to find four bearded men in his bedroom in Sydney's west.

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13 July 2011

Perth doctor jailed for sex assault

Judge-hand-gavel.jpgA PERTH doctor found guilty of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old patient while examining her has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison

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11 July 2011

Ruled by Islam's laws

00000000000.jpgAspects of Sharia law are being practiced across Australia. Sheikh Moussaab Leghe, in Sydney's West, presides over hundreds of Sharia divorces each year, and adjudicates on financial disputes

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10 July 2011

Australia: Government fires adviser for telling unpleasant truths about Islam

copts-attacked.jpgWhat did Joseph Adams say that was inaccurate? What did he say that was false? If Muhammad was not "the first terrorist of Islam," did he not say that he was, according to Islamic tradition? "I have been made victorious through terror" (Bukhari 4.52.220).

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05 July 2011

Christians wage holy war over 'offensive' Muslim signs

000000002.jpgCONTROVERSIAL billboards proclaiming Jesus is a prophet of Islam will be rolled out in Adelaide.

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Australian Troops 'fair game' for Muslims in war on Afghanistan, Hizb ut-Tahrir believe

674197-muslim-conference.jpgAUSTRALIAN troops fighting in Afghanistan are "fair game" and Muslims "have an obligation" to target them, a spokesman for a Muslim conference in Sydney said yesterday.

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22 June 2011

Australian Muslims demand halal training center

124207.gifAustralian Muslim community has called for setting up a halal training centre.

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20 June 2011


(AGI) Vienna- An Austrian national was arrested in Vienna and charged with terrorism. Detectives believe he was planning to crash a plane into the Bundestag, German parliament headquarters in Berlin. The suspect, 25-year-old Thomas al-J., is a young man who has converted to Islam. He was arrested

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