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04 June 2011

Muslim billboard campaign that declares Jesus a 'prophet of Islam' causes outrage

004.jpgA provocative billboard advertising campaign launched by an Australian Muslim group claiming that Jesus was a prophet of Islam has outraged Christians in Sydney.

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01 June 2011

Libyan Almahde Ahmad Atagore jailed for string of Melbourne sex assaults

A LIBYAN student who sexually assaulted seven girls and women in Melbourne has been jailed for more than five years.

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19 May 2011

Sharia already in Sydney, say Muslim leaders

970984-sharia.jpgSHARIA is already being practised in western Sydney, with hundreds of religious divorces granted by imams.

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18 November 2010

Hijab woman accused police of being racist

42-17407486.jpgA policeman accused of trying to pull off a Muslim woman's headdress has told a Sydney court he isn't a racist

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29 September 2010

New MP is first in Australia to be sworn in with Koran

27c96deb991c46d49f717e6a9e938523_resized.jpgswastika_koran_JPG1.jpgBefore union boss turned western Sydney MP Ed Husic takes his seat in the 43rd parliament of Australia, history will be made.

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13 September 2010

Five Muslim men planned attack on NSW army base, Supreme Court told

4920008603_7314742aa9_t.jpgFIVE Muslim men planned an armed terrorist attack on a Sydney army base to further the cause of Islam by killing as many people as possible, a Supreme Court jury heard today.

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04 September 2010

Catholic church hall to be converted to mosque in Nova Scotia

Catholic_altar.jpgSydney - A Catholic church hall will be converted into a mosque in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The building will be used for prayers,

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02 September 2010

AUA's Press Release on the Vandelized Assyrian Genocide Monument

l_6fce005cbc3b4077b596b9c4adace316.jpgThe Assyrian genocide monument, a memorial to the nearly 750,000 Assyrians murdered by Turkey’s Ottoman Government during World War I was vandalized over the weekend of

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11 August 2010

Some Sydney Islamic bookshops and online stores are selling guide books to marriage which encourage domestic violence

A Current Affair reports one of the books, titled An Excellent Husband, contains a passage that advises it is okay for husbands to beat their wives.

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17 May 2010

Taxi driver told blind woman - put guide dog in the boot or get out

501839-sarah-eady-and-ally.jpgA LEGALLY blind woman was refused entry to a taxi unless she put her guide dog in the boot.

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10 April 2009

Christian symbol removed from Christian chapel

badreligion1.jpgroyalhospital.jpgFor as long as the Royal North Shore hospital existed, there has been a chapel with a crucifix inside it- which has made reference to the Christian heritage and symbolism of the west. It was always there because that is what was intended from the beginnings of its existence. It is a part of the history of the chapel, the area and indeed this country. So it was with some shock that some people [including the Mayor] discovered by accident that the crucifix is no longer there.

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