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10 April 2009

Christian symbol removed from Christian chapel

badreligion1.jpgroyalhospital.jpgFor as long as the Royal North Shore hospital existed, there has been a chapel with a crucifix inside it- which has made reference to the Christian heritage and symbolism of the west. It was always there because that is what was intended from the beginnings of its existence. It is a part of the history of the chapel, the area and indeed this country. So it was with some shock that some people [including the Mayor] discovered by accident that the crucifix is no longer there.

The Mosman Daily has learnt that Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney has been been ordered to remove Christian content by New South Wales bureaucrats to avoid offending Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian believers who may want to pray in the chapel. (source)
For decades there has been no complaint from the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist Muslim communities in the area about this situation, so it is unthinkable that there would be some now.  But things have changed. What precisely?  Well for one thing – there is a separate Muslim prayer room in the chapel itself – so obviously there has been a recent request from that quarter for a separate prayer space. Who knows what skullduggery has really gone on in the background? Where one suspects Muslims pressure, there usually is. Can you imagine Christians or Jews  demanding space in a mosque? And note, there are no separate Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist prayer rooms at the hospital– although Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Australia, as the ABC reports: (reference)

And who made this decision to remove the crucifix? New South Wales bureaucrats. Who are these bureaucrats? So far no one knows but one can be sure that they are of the ‘Green left Weekly’ or pink bat socialism types, who are averse to the Judeo-Christian heritage of this country and the west and who, in that way, enable the rise of Islamic power.

To indicate how stealthily and cunningly this was done, Australian reports that the Mosman mayor, a devout Catholic, who was in hospital for bowel cancer, was shocked to find the chapel bare of all symbolism.

Mosman Mayor Dom Lopez, a devout Catholic, said he was “outraged” to discover the rule when he was recently undergoing treatment at the hospital for bowel cancer. “When I was first told it I didn’t believe it,” Cr Lopez said. “When I was recovering, the Catholic priest came to see me and said, ‘It is true all the crosses are gone, somebody said we have to be a non-denomination church’.

“That’s just not right, it was built as a Christian chapel, now they (church leaders) have all to take all those things with them.” (source)

Even the state MP, was shocked at the news and had the honesty to express an authentic reaction.

North Shore Liberal MP and Opposition health spokeswoman Jillian Skinner said the decision was “bureaucratic madness”. “It’s crazy, absolutely crazy,” she said.  “I bet there was no pressure from the Muslim community, the Jews or anyone - it’s just silly bureaucrats.” (source)

Well perhaps Jillian Skinner is unaware of Muslim tactics but then she is in a position to know about the depths of stupidity of certain bureaucrats. The question is, does she have any influence over these mindless lefty clones, or will she just fall back. Likewise will the Mayor exert his influence to change the situation, or will he just have vented in vain?

There is a poll being conducted by the Mosman Daily at the bottom of the article in this link. . (POLL)

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