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15 August 2010


610x.jpgBrought to you by the land that unfortunately brought to you, Mohamed, the mad prophet of allah's Islam. What was Obamster saying the other day about Ramadan? Oh yeah..this:

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13 August 2010

Al-Qaeda Seeks Overthrow of Saudi Arabia Monarchy, Killing of Christians

Obama_King_Abdullah_June_3_2009.jpgAl-Qaeda urged soldiers to help topple the Saudi monarchy and kill Christians and government officials in the kingdom, said someone purporting to be a leader of the group in a recording

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25 July 2010

Women are not welcome to wedding

genderequality.jpgTABUK: Wedding cards usually include a note asking invitees not to bring

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23 June 2010

Saudi beheads and nails murderer's body to cross

SAUDI Arabia executed two murderers including a Yemeni whose body was nailed to a cross after he was convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter

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09 April 2010

Saudi female poet loses contest

_47610850_008998757-1.jpgThe veiled female Saudi poet competing in the United Arab Emirates' version of Pop Idol failed to win the top prize in the final of the event.

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03 April 2010

Father keeps daughter in Saudi Arabia against her will...

thumb_l_94.jpgVisiting Mecca can be dangerous....

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01 April 2010

Fortune Teller Faces Execution In Saudi Arabia

a02.jpg A Lebanese TV fortune teller, arrested in Saudi Arabia whilst on pilgrimage, and conned into signing a ‘confession’ by religious police, and subsequently charged with witchcraft, is due to be beheaded this week unless there is international intervention to prevent his execution

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28 March 2010

Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West

Saudis385_702104a.jpgSAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

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08 March 2010

Mother forced to leave her children

birrell_main-420x0.jpgA MELBOURNE woman trapped for years in Saudi Arabia has been deported and forced home without three of her children, who remain with her allegedly abusive former husband.

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22 February 2010

Catholic migrant in Saudi Arabia: Three years without a day of rest and mass

ARABIA_SAUDITA_(F)_0222_-_saudis-women-burqa.jpgIn the Islamic country there is no freedom of religion. In order to keep her faith alive the woman took refuge in her room to pray. Filipino bishops call on the faithful to pray and reflect on the plight of workers abroad.

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12 February 2010

Embrace Islam, Or Lose Your Job

apartheidhighwaymecca2.gifFebruary 12, 2010: Islamic terrorism comes in many different forms. Christian Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia are complaining that their employers are

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