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24 July 2011

Riyadh deports a pastor to Eritrea where he could get the death penalty

ARABIA_SAUDITA_(F)_0723_-_Pastore_estradato_Eritrea.jpgEyob Mussie, an Eritrean refugee, was arrested on 12 February in Jeddah on charges of Christian proselytising. A court had decided to repatriate him forcibly. An appeal has been made to find a third country for the clergyman.

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23 July 2011

Top Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Defending Pedophilia

1111.jpgAs Marriage, Says Girls Can Be Married While “They Are In The Cradle”…

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12 July 2011

Joke proves costly... hubby gets second wife

And on top of it, the first wife's brothers pay for the second wedding

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29 June 2011

Two Men Accused of Raping Woman in W. Campus







Austin Police have arrested two men for raping a woman in West Campus early Sunday morning

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15 June 2011

Canadian woman seeks help

rape.gifRIYADH: The mother of a Canadian woman allegedly forced to remain in Saudi Arabia for the last six years with her three young children has sought urgent support from Saudi and Canadian governments to end her daughter’s ordeal and send her back to Canada as soon as possible.

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11 April 2011

Saudi Arabia: Christian Man Jailed, Faces Death Penalty For Sharing His Faith With Muslims…

This is one of those stories the MSM loves to skip over when denouncing America’s rabid “Islamophobia.”

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02 April 2011

When prayer is used as an excuse to skive off

JEDDAH: Some private company employees use the prayer time as an excuse to avoid work. Some companies allow 10 minutes for each prayer, while others allocate 15 minutes.

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12 November 2010

The United Nations disgraces itself -again

The United Nations has proven itself to be only half hostile to women and their welfare. By giving Saudi Arabia a seat on the executive board of a new superagency for women, but refusing a spot to Iran, the world body has dug itself deeper into a hole of cynical

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10 November 2010

Sri Lankan Muslim teenager sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. Appeal of Catholics

SRI_LANKA_(f)_1109_-_Rizana_Nafeek.jpgFr. George Sigamony, director of Caritas Sri Lanka, calls on all Catholics to pray after the verdict that decrees the death sentence for Rizana, just 17 years old, in prison on false charges of murder. The Asian Human Rights Commission: "Do not let Rizana Nafeek become a victim of the infamous practice of Saudi Arabia to sentence juvenile offenders to death."

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07 October 2010

Saudis charges Filipinos for proselytising-paper

(Reuters) - Thirteen Filipinos have been charged with proselytising in Saudi Arabia after being arrested during a private Roman Catholic Mass celebrated in a Riyadh hotel last week, a Saudi newspaper said on Wednesday.

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05 September 2010

Scandal Saudi deportation of all Copts to not build a church

pope_shenouda.jpg201090517455-674280.jpgDeportation of all the Copts Saudi Arabia in order to prevent the construction of churches

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