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29 June 2011

Two Men Accused of Raping Woman in W. Campus







Austin Police have arrested two men for raping a woman in West Campus early Sunday morning

Turki Alamri, 32, and Ahmed Alkhamisi, 24, have both been charged with sexual assault. Both men are from Saudi Arabia.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim was with a friend Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The friend gave the victim the keys to her apartment located at 600 W. 26th Street. The victim was intoxicated and intended to stay the night at her friend’s apartment.

The victim told police that she approached two men outside the apartment building who offered to help her find her friend’s apartment. She said the two men took her to an apartment she believed belonged to her friend.

Once inside the apartment one of the men, later identified as Alamri, shut the door behind them. The other suspect, whom police later identified as Alkhamisi, led the victim to the bedroom. The victim told police that Alkhamisi pushed her down on the bed and attempted to pull her dress up above her waist. The victim told him to stop but he did not. The victim then said he raped her. She pushed him off of her and told him she was calling police.

According to court documents, as the victim attempted to flee the apartment, Alamri ran after her. He allegedly confronted her outside the elevator and told her that she did not need to call police.

While they were talking, the elevator opened and the victim saw a man get out. She told him that she had just been raped. He took her down to the first floor and called police.

Police went to the apartment and met Alamri. The witness told police that Alamri was the man he saw talking to the victim. Police spoke with Alamri’s roommate who told them that he saw Alamri with a friend named Ahmed in the apartment earlier in the night.

Alamri was interviewed by police detectives at the Sex Crimes office. He told them he was from Saudi Arabia and requested an Arabic translator.

The arrest affidavit states that Alamri told police that when he was at his apartment with his friend Ahmed there was a disturbance with an intoxicated woman. He stated that he asked the woman to leave the apartment.

Alamri then took police to the apartment where Alkhamisi lived. He was taken into custody by police.

Police also spoke to the roommate of Alkhamisi about the night of the alleged incident. The roommate told police that Alkhamisi woke him up at 5:30 a.m. to talk to him about a problem he had. He said that Alkhamisi told him there was an incident with a drunk woman they had asked to leave and he was concerned because the police were called.

Both Alkhamisi and Alamri had their bail set at $10,000. They also both had to surrender their passports to the Travis COunty District Court. If found guilty they face a maximum punishment of 20 years and a $10,000 fine

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