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11 March 2012

British hostage killed in failed SBS rescue bid

mcmanus_2162671b.jpgA British engineer held hostage in Nigeria by Islamist terrorists for almost a year was killed on Thursday during a failed rescue mission by special forces.

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04 March 2012

Monsters laughed during gang rape

1817060256.jpgTwo sex beasts who laughed as they gang-raped a woman in a city flat are starting indeterminate sentences given by Preston’s top judge.

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22 February 2012

Christian carer who refused to work on Sundays 'denied rights given to a Muslim allowed to visit mosque'

article-0-11D3F140000005DC-473_233x423.jpgA Christian care worker was forced from her job for refusing to work on Sundays even though a Muslim colleague had time off on Fridays to visit the mosque, a tribunal heard yesterday.

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'He told me to get on the bed and told me to have sex with him'

article-0-11D78455000005DC-216_306x423.jpgarticle-0-11D76741000005DC-88_306x423.jpgGirl, 15, gives harrowing account of being plied with alcohol and passed around Asian gang for sex
Kabeer Hassan (right), from Oldham, and Qamar Shazad (left), from Rochdale, both deny rape

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07 February 2012

Was this boy beaten senseless because he's white? Teenager fighting for his sight after 'hate attack' by Asian gang

article-2097330-119F2048000005DC-884_634x443.jpgarticle-2097330-119CF043000005DC-684_306x357.jpg                  A teenager was left for dead after being chased and savagely beaten by a gang of Asians in a suspected racist attack.

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04 February 2012

Terrorists admit plot to bomb London Stock Exchange and US Embassy

terror-bomb-5_2126035c.jpgFour al-Qaeda inspired terrorists have pleaded guilty to plotting a Christmas bomb attack on the London Stock Exchange, the American embassy and the home of London Mayor Boris Johnson.

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17 December 2011

East London Mosque: have a happy extremist Christmas

qm-isoc-haddad.jpgChristmas is always a busy time down at this blog’s favourite hub of moderation’n’tolerance, the East London Mosque, controlled by the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe. The punters have to be saved from what Mahera Ruby, the head of the IFE’s women’s section, called the “pagan myth of Santa Claus.” What’s that, Mahera? You mean Santa doesn’t really exist?

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03 December 2011

Muslim Ladies Complain They Can't Keep Fit In Hounslow

A GROUP of Muslim women claim that Hounslow Council is not doing enough for their exercise needs.

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28 November 2011

Christian worker loses her job after being 'targeted' by Islamic extremists

ch_2067323c.jpgIslam8.jpgA Christian worker has launched a landmark legal action after she lost her job when she blew the whistle on what she says was a campaign of "race hate" by fundmentalist Muslims.

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20 November 2011

Crooked court clerk who took £500 bungs to wipe motoring offences from justice computers makes history as first person to be jailed under Bribery Act

_41894966_flagcredit203.jpgMunir Patel sentenced to three years for bribery and six years for misconduct in a public office

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07 November 2011

Leeds teenager victim of attack

769717950.jpgA 16-year-old suffered serious injuries when he was kicked and punched by a gang after a Halloween party

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