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30 March 2010

Colorado Christian couple deported from Morocco

ENGLEWOOD - They knew it was a possibility, but never really believed it would happen to them. Eddie and Lynn Padilla say their family was torn apart when the Moroccan government deported them and other Christian workers at an orphanage in the Islamic country.

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School bus driver suicidal prior to deadly crash

dynamic_resize.jpgCALGARY - Two days before a deadly school bus crash, the driver was ordered to see a school psychologist after attempting suicide a month earlier, a fatality inquiry heard Monday

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29 March 2010

Double suicide bombings kill 36 on Moscow subway

a1814430-cd7d-4016-b736-3858cb896d48.jpgmoscow-subway2.jpgMOSCOW — The head of Russia's main security agency says Caucasus rebels are believed to have carried out two sucide bombings on Moscow's subway system that killed 36 people.

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Iraqi Christians targeted by bomb blast; child dies

bombwom.jpgA 3-year-old Christian child died after a bomb attack on a Christian home in Mosul. This is what Fides sources in Mosul

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Red faces over Fatah field

israel_westbank.jpgCHARITY group World Vision Australia has been embarrassed by a plan by Palestinian authorities to name a sporting complex containing an Australian-funded soccer field in the West Bank after a former militant PLO leader.

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Muslim students call for removal of "year of Our Lord" from diplomas at... Trinity University

photo_campus.jpgIt's a private school that retains a "covenant" relationship with the Presbyterian Church. But nonetheless, "the year of Our Lord" is an affront to "diversity." While

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28 March 2010

Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West

Saudis385_702104a.jpgSAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

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We're selling our hotel, say Christian couple in row with Muslim guest

article-1261199-078CEAA6000005DC-1000_468x638.jpgThe two Christian hoteliers cleared last year of insulting a Muslim guest are being forced to sell up because their business has collapsed.

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27 March 2010

Chicago taxi driver with alleged al Qaeda ties arrested

osama-bin-laden-1998-thumb1.jpgA Chicago man with purported ties to a terrorist leader in Pakistan was being held without bond Friday after allegedly attempting to send money to al Qaeda in a probe that also accuses him of discussing an attack on a U.S. stadium.

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26 March 2010

Islamic Extremists in Somalia Kill Church Leader, Torch Home

AFR05_SOMALIA-CONFLICT-_011.jpg(Compass Direct News) - Islamic militants in Somalia tracked down an underground church leader who had previously escaped a kidnapping attempt and killed him last week, Christian sources said.

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Malaysians protest over Muhammad cartoon

ShowImage.jpgSome 200 people outside Swedish embassy burn Lars Vilks picture, flag.

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