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29 March 2010

Iraqi Christians targeted by bomb blast; child dies

bombwom.jpgA 3-year-old Christian child died after a bomb attack on a Christian home in Mosul. This is what Fides sources in Mosul

said, noting that "there is still fear amongst the Christian community." The attack was made against the house of Ramzy Balbole, a painter with a wife and three children. A bomb was placed near his house and exploded on the morning of Saturday, March 27, injuring his wife and three children and causing severe damage to housing. The injured were taken to the hospital, but the little child died as a result of injury. "Yet another event to mourn in this Holy Week in the Christian community of Mosul. Christians are under attack and, like Simon of Cyrene, are helping Christ to carry the Cross, sharing in his Passion," note sources.

"We are waiting for better times. The faithful are terrified. But the word of the day is 'hope,' always and in every circumstance," Fides was told in an interview with Archbishop George Casmoussa, Syrian Catholic Archbishop of the city. "We will celebrate Easter in this situation of suffering and fear. Our churches will not be crowded, as they would usually be, as many Christian families have fled the city and many faithful will remain at home for fear of attacks. But, they continue to hope in God, in Jesus Christ, in His Resurrection, as He leads us as Iraqi Christians to rise with Him. We continue to pray for the future of peace in our country," Archbishop Casmoussa told Fides.

"Given the recent political developments, we are hoping now in a strong government whose only plan is to bring peace and justice to Iraq. We want a government that defends the interests of religious, ethnic or political factions, seeking the common good of the country, because Iraq belongs to everyone," said the Archbishop.



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