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30 April 2010

West Java, thousands of Islamic extremists attack a Christian center

INDONESIA_-_folla_estremisti_ok.jpgThree cars destroyed and some buildings set on fire. The origin of the attack a rumor that Christians wanted to build a chapel within the center. Hundreds of local police fail to stop the raid, but police chief promises justice.

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Italy: Imam 'arrested' in Milan after terror conviction

burlymusulmannses12--200x150.jpg(AKI) - A radical Muslim preacher was arrested in the northern city of Milan on Thursday, sources close to Milan's Muslim community told Adnkronos International (AKI). Italy's top appeals court on Wednesday jailed Egyptian-born Abu Imad on terrorism charges.

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Kids strangle friend, nail him to wall

GHAZIABAD: Two teenagers aged 14 and 15 years allegedly strangled their 13-yearold friend with a copper wire and then pinned his body to a wall using

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Netherlands: 20% of teachers avoid teaching about the Holocaust

buchenwald5.jpgA fifth of history teachers in the four major Dutch cities have had to deal with not being able to or rarely bringing up the Holocaust because Muslim students in particular have difficulties with it.

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Obama: US Making Comic Books to Appease Muslims

characters-from-the-99-is-0011247053007-Muslim-superheros.jpg1.Will the Islamic superhero, behead the enemy?
2.If it is a female, will wearing a burqa make her fly?
3.Is George Bush one of the villains?

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Denmark's KFC website targeted by Islamist hackers

article-0-095ECFEB000005DC-984_468x553.jpgDenmark's KFC website has been targeted by Islamist hackers.

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29 April 2010

Upper ,Egypt Bokhmim demonstrations and a tight security control in order to avoid any attack on the Archbishop

bus.jpgFollowing the incident, and the transfer of graves of Muslims to live Kawthar Bokhmim and on the other side not to transfer than that of Christianity, the mass demonstrations by Muslims in the village last Tuesday,4 /27/2010

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Cairo Christian conversion controversy

CAIRO: On Tuesday, a Cairo court suspended a lawsuit filed by 27-year-old Mohamed Hegazy that he had hoped would give him the right to list “Christian” on his national identification cards

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27 April 2010

Two Christian journalists killed

Two journalists working for a Christian magazine were hacked to death by a mob in a predominantly Muslim suburb in the flashpoint Nigerian city of Jos, a union official said Monday.

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Record failure rate in national high school exam, Catholic schools buck the trend

INDONESIA_-_Ujian-Nasionalok.jpgEveryone at the Saint John’s Catholic School passed the exam. Their success is the exception to the rule in Indonesia’s school system, which has reached a new low in

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26 April 2010

The master forger aged 76 who has helped up to 15,000 stay illegally in Britain

article-0-094E95DF000005DC-264_468x640.jpgProviding immigration advice and help from his tiny office, Abdullah Azad appeared to be a pillar of the community. But the 76-year-old grandfather was really a master forger and mastermind behind an 'industry' of bogus visas.

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