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31 August 2011

Rawalpindi: 13 year old Christian kidnapped during mass

PAKISTAN_-_sequestri_bambini_cristiani.jpgFor two days there has been no news of Daniel Sharoon. Security cameras and witnesses saw him enter the building, then all trace was lost. The family asks for prayers for his release. The police find no useful clues. In Faisalabad Koranic students attack a 64 year old Christian maid.

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25 August 2011

Punjab: Muslims kidnap 14 year old Christian to convert her to Islam

PAKISTAN_-_ragazza_cristiana_in_preghiera_ok.jpgMehek Masih was taken from her home in broad daylight and under the threat of a gun. Muslim man intends to "purify her" making her "Muslim and my mistress." Archbishop Saldanha cases of this type are "frequent," the law does not protect minorities. One of the many "crosses" that Pakistani Christians have to endure.

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20 August 2011

Islamabad: no civil award for “martyr” Shahbaz Bhatti

PAKISTAN_-_martire_bhatti_niente_premio.jpgPresident Zardari releases a list of 185 officials recipient of civil awards but the name of the slain Catholic minister is not on it, that of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer is. For the bishop of Islamabad, the omission is “surprising” given the fact that Bhatti “gave his life” for the country’s minorities.

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16 August 2011

Christians Assulted for Watching 'Jesus' Film Near Bin Laden's Compound

copts-attacked.jpgA group of Christians have been attacked by a mob of Muslims in a park near where Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

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09 August 2011

Target Killing of a Christian man in Drigh Road Karachi

Karachi (PCP) Arnold Archie Dass, age 38, was gunned down in oldest Karachi city Christian colony named Drigh Road on August 6, 2011

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07 August 2011

Punjab: Christian woman forced to convert and marry her kidnapper

PAKISTAN_-_ragazza_cristiana_triste.jpgMariam Gill was abducted on her way home from the market. Her father and brother filed a complaint with police, which failed to intervene however because her kidnapper is “a respectable Muslim businessman”. A Muslim religious leader says the action was in accordance with Islamic law. Islamabad bishop warns that cases of forced conversion are “rising at an alarming rate”.

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27 July 2011

Pakistan, two rebel hearts

75e5f01b4d.jpgShe is a Muslim and he is a Christian. The law stands between them. Following family feuds they have fled in search of a better life

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21 July 2011

Alleged Catholic kidnap victim decides to stay with Muslim husband

.- Farah Hatim, a Catholic Pakistani woman allegedly kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man and convert to Islam, has decided to stay with her Muslim husband in a tearful court appearance.

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11 July 2011

State jobs in Punjab, government fails to respect quota for minorities

00011.jpgThe quota was introduced by Shahbaz Bhatti, Minister for Minorities, killed on 2 March. Selected candidates only Muslims, Christians protest. A Catholic priest: "Without the Ministry for Minorities we are orphans in our own country."

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05 July 2011

Christian hospital under attack in Pakistan

0006.jpgA group of Muslims tries to seize forcibly a Christian hospital in Taxila, 32 kilometres from the capital Islamabad by making false claims with police. The intervention of Christian leaders and Bishop Rufin Anthony stops the threat.

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20 June 2011

Punjab: Christian families flee false accusation of blasphemy

00023.jpgThe students of a madrassa try to force a child to convert. A relative is attacked for defending him, and accused of blasphemy. A priest: "This is a common practice in the region. Many cases of forced conversions are not made known". The authorities turn a blind eye to the problem.

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