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09 August 2011

Target Killing of a Christian man in Drigh Road Karachi

Karachi (PCP) Arnold Archie Dass, age 38, was gunned down in oldest Karachi city Christian colony named Drigh Road on August 6, 2011

The armed Muslim gunmen were waiting for Arnold Dass at Hazara Chowk in Drigh Road, and sprayed bullet in front of dozen of eye witnesses on Arnold Archie Dass when he approached in his car on way to his home in afternoon.

Arnold Dass received also one fatal bullet on his chest and was rushed to hospital but died on way for medical help.

The Muslim militants fled from scene of shooting after carefully examining that Arnold Dass cannot survive their attack.

The Drigh Road Cantonment Bazar was a residential area built by Roman Catholic Church of Pakistan and allotted to Christian employed in nearby Air Force Base and Airport in nineteenth century. The Drigh Road Cantonment Bazar housing scheme had RC Lines (Roman Catholic Lines) which were bound to sell to Christian only not to any other community.

Drigh Road Bazar remained residential area of Christian only till 1970, while Church of Pakistan, a union of protestant Churches in Pakistan, also built housing apartment for their congregates.

After building of new Karachi International Airport, the values of land of Drigh Road Bazar raised sky high and Muslim land mafia started buying homes of Christians with harassing them or forcing them with government pressure after 1980.

After 1990, Drigh Road Cantonment Bazar was Muslim dominated residential area not a Christian colony.

The Shaha-e-Faisal Police Station registered a case against unidentified killers of Arnold Dass but relatives of victim told media that there are many eyewitnesses of murder but police is hesitant to name culprits in First Information Report FIR.

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