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11 August 2007

Hamas leaning on Christians to adopt

a1dce0e20544f6a76cd1a5e1895c873d.jpgGAZA CITY — The Hamas regime is pressing Christians to convert to Islam, officials here said.

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14 July 2007

Spaniard hurt in Yemen bomb dies

f6ab2daa834c86df973d4decf30b6457.jpgA Spanish woman injured during a suicide bomb attack targeting a tourist convoy in Yemen earlier this month has died in hospital.

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02 July 2007

Gaza's Christians

7a305a18f886ef1730d90b7031974ff5.jpgFor years realists on Middle East affairs said a Palestinian state would become a platform for radical Islamist terror and that the most dangerous merchants of death would populate the ministate created by

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20 June 2007

Gaza Christians warned to submit to Islam

medium_Hamas-Abbas-Office.jpgGaza-based Muslim groups affiliated with Hamas and possibly Al Qaeda have warned local Christians that Hamas' military conquest of the volatile coastal strip means they must

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18 June 2007

Gaza's Christians fear for their lives

medium_20r006z.2.jpgChristians living in Gaza City on Monday appealed to the international community to protect them against increased attacks by Muslim extremists. Many Christians said they were prepared to leave the Gaza Strip as soon as the border crossings are reopened.

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15 April 2007

Bombs hit Christian bookstore, two Internet cafes in Gaza City

medium_bookstore.jpgThree explosions rocked Gaza City early Sunday, damaging two Internet cafes and a Christian bookstore

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09 April 2007

A Deeper Connection: This Easter Season

medium_Copts_20Discrimination_20161.jpgCBNNews.com - In "A Deeper Connection," Pastor Antonio Briggs from Radical Apostolic Power Ministries speaks on how, during this Easter season, we can deal with the challenges among us.

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07 April 2007

Welcome to Hizbullahland

medium_hezbollah.2.jpgThe Lebanese army is partly controlled by Syria, not like before 1975," Henry said. "Before 1975 the Lebanese army was pro-Western and neutral toward Israel."

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06 April 2007

The Evidence for the Resurrection

medium_jesuspassionopt.jpgCBNNews.com - JERUSALEM - Today is Good Friday -- and this weekend, Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ

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01 April 2007

Easter and the Passion of Jesus Christ

medium_Aalam.3.jpgCBNNews.com - We're coming up on the holiest week on the church calendar - the days leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday

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06 March 2007

Al-Jazeera TV Host Faysal Al-Qassem: Western Media - Neo-Goebbelism

medium_clip_1395.jpgFollowing are excerpts from an interview with Al-Jazeera TV host Faysal Al-Qassem, which aired on Syrian TV on February 12, 2007:

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