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20 February 2008

Jordan arrests eight Evangelists

3255cc9af80673e35dd9e0a8139ca54e.gifEight people have been arrested in Jordan for propagating the Christian faith, according to a Saudi newspaper

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16 February 2008

Vandals trash library of Gaza City's YMCA, director says; no claim of responsibility

5f3defd65ded41446fc65818f4f1cd59.jpgGAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Vandals set off explosives inside the library of Gaza's YMCA early Friday, severely damaging the one-story building and shaking Gaza's tiny Christian minority

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25 December 2007

Media's two-faced Christmas coverage

06a6b4c8757ccf7fe55ecfafc225e789.jpgMuslims driving Christians out of Bethlehem, but media outlets choose to blame Israel

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23 December 2007

Gaza's Christians keep low Xmas profile

8c2bf9d7b449e085ecde7782ad7570a7.jpgGAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Gaza's tiny Christian community is keeping a low profile this Christmas, traumatized by the killing of a prominent activist in the wake of Hamas' takeover of the coastal territory.

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29 November 2007

Over 81,000 Indians deported from Gulf in ‘07

c39f0df28935c31d451a8a4676dd9deb.jpgOver 81,000 Indians were deported from Gulf countries this year on various grounds, including non-possession of valid visas, resident permits and violation of local laws, government said on Thursday

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28 November 2007

Empty Lebanon presidency worries Christians

f710a269ba5b8b9e03d18f51ef1dd659.jpgBEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon's Christians fear a prolonged political vacuum while the post of president is filled will weaken their position in a sectarian system that reserves the job for them.

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16 November 2007


ff325c2c731d8a177391c46d66348c98.jpgMuslims intimidated church into holding Arafat memorial
Christians fear 'we'll become casualties of retaliation, escalating violence'

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12 November 2007

Christian pastor flees Palestinian town amid threats

833e6e9b93d10f83f99365289b5d7c95.jpgA Palestinian-American Evangelical Christian pastor has fled the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah for the safety of nearby Jerusalem following increasingly hostile threats by officials within Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority.

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08 October 2007

Protestant Christian tortured and killed in Gaza

bf7bf19e1e429619a5f975d2c202785f.jpgHe managed the territory's only Christian bookshop and in the past had received threats for spreading the Gospel. Hamas promises to find those responsible for the crime. For Fr. David Jaeger, an Israeli Franciscan, the martyrdom of this protestant must

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24 September 2007

Not a Single Christian in Birthplace of Christ

72cbc66054723bea2df25e6580f1295a.gifMuslim Intimidation Could Make Land of Jesus Barren in 15 Years

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11 September 2007

PALESTINIANS sell 9/11 toys'....Gaza style

c164539d259595797c25f35414fda0b2.jpgb1d9786e062e9a44a5959687a9ec4a7f.jpgThe items shown are for sale in Palestinian areas. The Palestinian leadership has, for

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