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29 October 2012

Nigeria: Kaduna Suicide Bomb Blast - 90 Percent of Victims Are Children - Bishop

00221206_74be22618ac7954eb505ac11f2f4b3a7_arc614x376_w290_us1.jpgKaduna State was yesterday thrown into another round of pandemonium following a suicide bomb blast that rocked the Saint Rita's Catholic Church at Ungwa Yero in Malali, Kaduna North LGA. The church has a capacity to accommodate over 1,000 worshipers.

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Five Egyptian Copts injured in inter-religious violence

4-18-2011-11-47-28-PM-9777733.jpgFive Egyptian Coptic Christians were injured Sunday in clashes with Muslims at a church in a village south of Cairo, security sources said.

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Facebook Used to Kidnap, Traffic Indonesian Girls

20121029142913225.jpgDepok. When a 14-year-old girl received a Facebook friend request from an older man she didn’t know, she accepted it out of curiosity. It’s a click she will forever regret, leading to a brutal story that has

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France Euromillions site hit by religious hackers

sharia-for-france.jpgThe French site of the Euromillions lottery has been hacked, with the homepage replaced by a passage from the Koran condemning gambling.

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Insight: Pakistani death squads spur desperate voyage to Australia

674197-muslim-conference.jpg(Reuters) - It was 3 a.m. when Abid Warasi and his friend clambered into an Indonesian fishing boat

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Indonesia Foils Plot to Attack US Missions: Police

INDONESIA_-_polizia_e_luogo_di_culto_ok.jpgIndonesian police on Saturday arrested 11 members of an Islamic group allegedly planning attacks on American diplomatic missions, a spokesman said, in the latest terror alert to hit the country

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Al Qaeda's Zawahri calls for kidnap of Westerners in Egypt

954540707.jpgAl Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria's rebellion and ensure Egypt

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Alexandria Salafists open fire on liberals, striking workers in Eid sermons

Religious holiday sees the coastal city's Islamist figu2012-634868680039784204-978.jpgres step up their calls for Sharia law and demand President Morsi show 'strength' towards both the labour movement and his liberal opponents

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Sheep Stolen Across Europe as Muslim Butchery Festival Approaches

Sheep1.jpgAs Muslims prepare to take twisted pleasure in the brutal slaughter of innocent animals, a spate of sheep thefts has been reported across Europe.

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Islam, the Premier Religion of France?

islam-will-conquer-europe.jpgAlthough France does not have religious statistics allowing comparison of the communities, the demographic mechanisms make it possible to predict a shift in the near future.

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24 October 2012

Birmingham Jihadists plotted to cause maximum carnage in name of Allah, court told

irfan-naseer-irfan-khalid-and-ashik-ali-who-have-been-charged-with-preparing-an-act-of-terrorism-191560574.jpgNo target was set for the would-be rucksack bombers but they were allegedly recorded bragging about planning 'another 9/11'.

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