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30 September 2011

Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki killed in Yemen

_55751537_013051900-1.jpgUS-born radical Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a key al-Qaeda leader, has been killed in Yemen, the country's defence ministry said.

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Egyptian Christian Girl Banned From School For Not Wearing a Veil

954540707.jpg(AINA) -- A Christian girl was prevented for over a week from entering her school in Beni Mazar, Minya province, because she refused to wear a veil. "The school management described her as 'flaunt' for not covering her hair," said Coptic activist Nader Shoukry, who uncovered the story.

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Orlando Florida Imam Arrested by the FBI

20110927_AbuTaubah.jpg"Imams Gone Wild"

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Mother Shayma Ali killed daughter, four, 'as sacrifice'

A woman "sacrificed" her daughter to Allah to "exorcise evil spirits", the Old Bailey has heard.

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Belgian cop attacked for trying to unveil Muslim woman

id9b9ffe76d28de37a2f2c2cb5deafec9_muslim_n.jpgA police officer has been attacked by a Muslim man in Brussels after he demanded that the man’s wife remove her veil. Belgium outlawed the wearing of Islamic garments which cover the face.

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Former council leader's mosque offer sparks anger

00113272.jpgFurious residents are accusing former council leader Fred Brown of trying to seek “petty revenge” after being voted out in the last election.

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A Muslim President, After All

100421bowingtwo.jpgHispanics, blacks and others among President Obama’s base may be abandoning him, but Muslims are holding fast. Apparently, theirs is a special bond born of shared interests.

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Norway: Muslims Charged With Forced Marriage of 16 Year Old Girl

muslim-girl-wedding-costume.jpgFour men have been charged with forcibly marrying a 16 year old girl to a 23 year old man. The marriage was carried out March 2009 in the Oslo suburb of Skedsmo. The girl’s family gave their blessings to the marriage.

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26 September 2011

NGO report: 93,000 Copts left Egypt since March

954540707.jpgNearly 93,000 Coptic Christians have left Egypt since 19 March, a report by an Egypt-based Coptic NGO has said.

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25 September 2011

Suicide bomb attack at Indonesia church injures 20

4e7f1844833c8_preview-300.jpgA suicide bomber attacked an Indonesian church packed with hundreds of worshippers Sunday, killing himself and wounding at least 20 other people, police and hospital officials said.

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FBI Under Fire For Teaching the Truth

fbi.jpgThe FBI came under fire again Wednesday from hard-Left journalist Spencer Ackerman in Wired, who has been conducting a campaign for some time to get the bureau to purge its terrorism training seminars of any hint of the truth about the global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

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