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03 August 2007

Saudi Arabia Traps Christian Surgeon for Faith in Jesus

72bd8f7a12738c3d0c6b71e97339c5cf.jpgAn Egyptian Christian surgeon is reportedly being detained by the Saudi Arabia government because of his faith, alerted a Washington-based Christian human rights group Wednesday

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22 May 2007

Non-Muslim Overstayer Arrested in Makkah

medium_Mecca-Discrimination.2.jpgA Sri Lankan Christian was arrested in the holy city of Makkah, which is off-limits to non-Muslims, by the Expatriates Monitoring Committee in Makkah

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07 March 2007

The death of four French nationals in the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia is the continuation of the Islamic holy terror started 14 centuries ago.

medium_muslims_germany.jpgThree expatriate French nationals* in Saudi Arabia were murdered by machinegun wielding terrorists on 26th February. A teenager, wounded in

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05 March 2007

Gang-rape victim faces lashes

medium_kingabdullah.4.jpgA SAUDI woman who was kidnapped at knifepoint, gang-raped and then beaten by her brother was sentenced to 90 lashes - for a meeting a man who was not a relative, a newspaper reported.

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26 February 2007


medium_Mecca-Discrimination.jpg(AKI) - At least three foreigners, believed to be French citizens, have been killed in an attack near the holy city of Medina in(click on the pic so you can read it )

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07 January 2007


medium_kingabdullah.3.jpgRIYADH, 7 January 2007 — With the aim of strengthening business ties, two Riyadh business partners in their 70s have married their teenage daughters ((17-19) to each

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26 October 2006

Saudi prisoner release gives U.S. pause

(latimes.com)   U.S. officials, apparently caught off guard by the Saudi government's recent release of more than two dozen former Guantanamo Bay prisoners, are voicing fears that the men will join the camp of violent extremist groups.  The Saudis...

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30 August 2006

Saudi "corrects" ideas of 700 Qaeda sympathisers

medium_kingabdullah.jpg (news.yahoo.com)  Saudi Arabia has released over 700 suspected militants after clerics "corrected" their thinking in a special programme aimed at stemming a three-year-old campaign...

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29 August 2006


medium_saudi_noprayer.2.jpgEjection from country may force Ethiopian church leader to miss his wedding.

 (Compass Direct News) – Saudi Arabia deported four East African Christians last month after they were detained while leading a prayer service in Jeddah.

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02 August 2006

Saudi-based NRIs funded 7/11 blasts

MUMBAI: Saudi-based NRIs funded the 7/11 blasts, which claimed as many as 200 innocent lives and left scores injured, Anti-terrorist Squad sources have revealed.

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21 June 2006

Saudis Offered Scholarships for Aviation Courses in US

medium_1000000000000.10.jpg(arabnews.com)   The Ministry of Higher Education and the General Authority of Civil Aviation are offering scholarships to Saudi men...

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