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27 July 2009

Exclusive: Islamists on the Rampage in Nigeria

Nigerianrebels.jpgOn Sunday, July 26th, in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi, violence erupted between Islamists and police. The conflict arose after a dawn raid by Islamic militants upon a police station. Thirty-nine people were killed, and 176 people were arrested. A curfew was imposed but even though there were no reports of violence in Bauchi city (in Bauchi state) on

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15 April 2009

Nigeria: Suspected Muslim fanatics burn churches in Nigeria

Three churches were burnt and several Christians injured in two cities in Nigeria's northern state of Niger when suspected Muslim fanatics turned on Christians during Easter celebration on Monday, the private Punch newspaper reported Tuesday.

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24 April 2008


(Compass Direct News) – Hundreds of Muslims took to the streets of this northern Nigerian city on Sunday (April 20), attacking Christians and their shops and setting vehicles on fire on claims that a Christian had blasphemed Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

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17 December 2007

Nigeria's the place for Islamic ringtones

1851ad3852090cda81c6c5dcfb4705b5.jpgMuslim mobile phone owners in Nigeria have been urged to "go express your faith" by downloading a range of Islamic ringtones.

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03 October 2007

Death toll from Nigeria Christian attacks higher than reported

Indications that the death toll following the weekend’s violence in the Tundun Wada area of Kano State, northern Nigeria, may be higher than

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01 October 2007

Nigeria: Can Condemns Religious Killing in Kano

3c4505e8e511c3fea3ad42fb003ced2b.jpgGENERAL Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Mr Samuel Salifu has condemned the killing of Christians in Tudun Dankande local government area of Kano State.

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26 August 2007

Mob in northern Nigeria attacks prison, injures official

6f86138e513f31e96cac5a12380d0a1f.jpgAngry demonstrators have injured a prison official in northern Nigerian Bauchi state in an attempt to lynch suspected homosexuals being held in custody, official news agency NAN said Saturday.

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21 August 2007

Clash over Nigeria cross-dressing

7c10b76ed0a552cc74c8df9f87ce6ca9.jpgPolice in northern Nigeria have clashed with Muslim youths angry at a Sharia court's decision to grant bail to 18 men accused of dressing as women.

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04 June 2007

Christian School Teacher Brutally Murdered by Extremists in Nigeria

Sixteen suspects in the murder of a Christian secondary school teacher in the northern Nigerian state of Gombe, have been released without charge. The decision has caused dismay in local Christian circles.

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09 May 2007

Nigerian Christians subject to Islamic law

medium_muslimveil220107_228x322.2.jpg (CWNews.com) - All schoolgirls in the Nigerian state of Kano are now required to wear an Islamic veil. The new

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20 April 2007


medium_20070314ng001.jpgVictor Udo Usen, 13, flees to mother’s shop and is home again – in another state.

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