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03 March 2007

Insurgents kill two female students

(BangkokPost.com) - Insurgents shot dead two female students in Narathiwat province in a drive-by shooting on Saturday morning, when they were on their way to take exams.

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18 February 2007

Islamic Radicals Seek a Spectacular Slaughter

February 17, 2007:  Police and troops on Sulawesi were put on high alert, because military intelligence had picked up information indicating that Islamic

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28 December 2006

Muslim commitment ensures peaceful Christmas

medium_INDONESIA_-_1227_-_Natale.jpgRepresentatives of the country’s most influential Muslim organizations participated in Christmas celebrations held by Christians and supplied 1,500 volunteers to patrol places of worship.

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19 December 2006

Security Boosted at Churches in Indonesia Over Christmas

medium_173_031219_chiesa_indonesia_150_x_144_.jpgJAKARTA, Indonesia —  Tens of thousands of police officers will guard churches across the world's most populous Muslim country over the Christmas period, amid concerns that Al Qaeda-linked militants could carry out attacks, police said Monday

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22 November 2006

Christian convert killed in J&K

SRINAGAR: Unidentified militants on Tuesday killed a junior engineer of J&K Power Development Department,  (PDD) Bashir Ahmad Tantray, who had converted

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17 November 2006

Islamic terrorists set free

medium_0_5306877_00.jpg(news.com.au)   ALMOST 60 jailed Islamic extremists linked to such atrocities as the Bali bombings have been set free. They include 14 terrorists who have been quietly...

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16 October 2006

Sulawesi Christian priest killed

medium_00000000000.3.jpg(news.bbc.co.uk)  A Christian priest has been shot dead on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, where religious tensions are high after the execution of three Catholic militants.  The..


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15 October 2006

Over 15 Million Indonesian Muslims back violent jihad-poll

medium_sriimg20060203_6437131_0.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith, a survey...

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11 October 2006

Christians Don't Expect Eye for an Eye in Indonesia

medium_top10.jpg(latimes.com)   Maringan Simanjuntak wipes his brow in Bali's equatorial heat and talks in measured words about the fear and frustration of being Christian in the world's most populous Muslim nation.  Last month, Indonesia executed three Christians for inciting...

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20 September 2006

Indonesia to execute Christians

medium__41423499_afp_protest203.jpg((news.bbc.co.uk)  Three Indonesian Christian militants sentenced to death for attacks on Muslims in 2000 are due to be executed on Thursday or Friday, lawyers said.  Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and...

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12 August 2006

Indonesian Muslim group collecting money to buy Hezbollah weapons

medium_we-are-all-hezbollah.4.jpgJakarta - One of Indonesia's most prominent Muslim organizations is taking donations to help militants in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories buy weapons to fight Israel, a newspaper reported Friday

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