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15 October 2006

Over 15 Million Indonesian Muslims back violent jihad-poll

medium_sriimg20060203_6437131_0.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith, a survey...


One in 10 Indonesia Muslims back violent jihad-poll

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith, a survey released on Sunday showed.

Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, with 220 million people, 85 percent of whom follow Islam, giving the Asian archipelago the largest Muslim population of any nation in the world.

"Jihad that has been understood partially and practised with violence is justified by around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims," the Indonesian Survey Institute said in a statement.

"They approved the bombings conducted ... in Bali with the excuse of defending Islam," it added, saying the percentage of such support "is very significant".

While the vast majority of Indonesia's Muslims are relatively moderate, there has been an increasingly vocal militant minority and political pressure for more laws that are in line with hardline Muslim teachings.

The poll surveyed a random sample of 1,092 Muslim men and women.

Bombings in Bali in October 2002 blamed on the militant Southeast Asian Jemaah Islamiah network killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists. Suicide blasts in Bali a year ago killed 20.

The survey found one in five Indonesian Muslims more generally supported the aims of Jemaah Islamiah -- an armed movement backing the creation of an Islamic superstate linking Muslim Indonesia and Malaysia, and Muslim areas in the Philippines and Thailand.

In the past, it has cooperated closely with al Qaeda's global anti-Western campaign, but in recent years many in Jemaah Islamiah have focussed more on the regional struggle.

Indonesia has had a major attack against high profile Western-linked targets each year from 2002 through 2005. Authorities tied all the attacks to elements of Jemaah Islamiah.

Indonesia is not officially an Islamic state.

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why is it that whever this religion Islam spreads hate follows? Not in some distant past but NOW and always today? Other religions have had violent periods CENTURIES ago and were distortions of their beliefs but this Islam has its books qur'an and hadiths and goes on and on.
whatever happened to the Sufis? did you kill them all too?

Posted by: Ahmed | 16 October 2006

I agree: If there is a future for Islam it would be in the Sufi vein because its a form of Islam that says not to kill people who do not agree with your religion as a matter of course.

Posted by: Roy | 16 October 2006

In my community we have a group of Christians, Jews and Muslims who agreed to talk about peace in a civil way.
Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe in one God, the creator of the universe and all living things. We are all God's servants, and to Him we shall return. So why hate each other? The holy books we believe in are different, but we all abide by those books because we believe they are the revelations of God. So why should we fight one another?

As Jews, Muslims, and Christians living here in America, we have a responsibility to express our views and convey our hopes in a constructive forum. We refuse to be enemies, and we refuse to be silent.

Firstly as a Human being and secondly a Christian who loves his Brother as the gospel teaches, I find this site extremely offensive and unconstructive. Sites like this promote ignorance and division I am deeply ashamed, and personally embarrassed by the irresponsible manner in which this hate site is designed.

As a Christian I apologize to all the good Muslims who are hurt and offended by the blind malice and irresponsible spirit of the builders of this website. Please do not think these people represent Christ.

Posted by: Susanna L. Grey | 17 October 2006

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