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20 September 2006

Indonesia to execute Christians

medium__41423499_afp_protest203.jpg((news.bbc.co.uk)  Three Indonesian Christian militants sentenced to death for attacks on Muslims in 2000 are due to be executed on Thursday or Friday, lawyers said.  Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and...

Three Indonesian Christian militants sentenced to death for attacks on Muslims in 2000 are due to be executed on Thursday or Friday, lawyers said.

Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus Silva had been set to face the firing squad last month but won a reprieve after a papal appeal.

The men were found guilty of inciting attacks during religious rioting in Central Sulawesi in 2000.

Their supporters and rights groups have questioned the trial's fairness.

Some 4,000 extra troops have been deployed in religiously-divided Sulawesi amid fears the executions could spark further violence.

Map of Indonesia
Previously known as Celebes, Sulawesi is Indonesia's fourth largest island
80% of residents are Muslim, while 17% are Christian
A December 1998 brawl in Poso led to months of religious violence in which hundreds died

"If there are unwanted actions, or actions tending toward anarchy, police will not hesitate to take repressive action," Central Sulawesi police chief Badroddin Haiti said.

Gang violence

Lawyers for the three men said provincial prosecutors delivered a letter saying the executions would take place on Thursday 21 September, though one report said it could take place on Friday.

Attorney General Abdul Rachman Saleh told reporters the letter, delivered late on Monday, said the men would be shot in 72 hours time.

The men say they are innocent of the charges that they masterminded a series of attacks on the Muslim community in the Central Sulawesi district of Poso in 2000, killing at least 70 people.

The attack was part of a wave of violence that left more than 1,000 people killed. It was triggered by a brawl between Christian and Muslim gangs in December 1998.

The men's execution was delayed last month after a plea for clemency from Pope Benedict XVI and demonstrations by thousands of Indonesian Christians.

Three Muslim militants are also currently on death row for their part in the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed more than 200 people.

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Spanish Inquisition
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The Spanish Inquisition was the Inquisition acting in Spain under the control of the Kings of Spain. This Inquisition was the result of the reconquest of Spain from the Muslims and the policy of converting Spanish Jews and Muslims to Christianity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Inquisition

Posted by: Rod | 20 September 2006

geee maybe that wouldnt have happened if Muslim hadnt done MASS FORCED CONVERSIONS of Christian Catholics in the first place when they attacked the nation (and it was an unprovoked attack against Spain to boot).

Whats wrong Rod you hate goodness and light and little puppies so much that you would lie on behalf of radical muslims who would kill you my fellow westerner as quick as theyd look at you "(and you know it).

Fanatic muslims throughout the world are scheming and plotting to attack Rod. My prediction for the near future. Somewhere in the western world a muslim will bomb innocent people as part of an organized event.
Spain hasnt had an inquisition in hundreds of years you idiot Radical Islmaists are killing people NOW.
God forbid you should be on one of those planes they are planning to bomb again you twat.

Posted by: GAstro's friend Laura | 20 September 2006

Does the Quran teach terrorism?:....
[Quran: 7:199] ......You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant.
What does bible say:.....[Murdering Children?????]
Kill Sons of Sinners
Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants. (Isaiah 14:21 NAB) http://www.convertstoislam.com/

Posted by: Rod | 20 September 2006

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Posted by: SS | 20 September 2006

true face of christianity? wow i didnt know christianity is responsible for every little nut movement that attaches itself to that name now...hmm isnt islam always saying that we should not judge it by the extremists among them? I guess that doesnt apply to Chrisitianity hmm? yes those nasty Christians they are always crashing their airplanes into our gay clubs and bars. lissen sweetie homophobia is at its peak in the middle east so lets call a spade a spade.

Posted by: Gayboitodd | 21 September 2006

My comment is about the case of the three Christian murderers who were executed. Their deaths was a pure enforcement of law. It had nothing to do with the questions of tolerance between Islam and other religions.

The three were convicted in 2001 of leading a Christian terror group that carried out violence against Muslims in religiously-divided Central Sulawesi province in 2000

All the legal remedies had been exhausted.
Those three murderers, Fabianus Tibo, 60, Marinus Riwu, 48, and Dominggus da Silva, 42, were convicted of leading a Christian terrorist militia that carried out a series of attacks in May 2000, including a machete and gun assault on an Islamic school where dozens of men were seeking shelter, from the Christian extremist.

Sugiarti, a 40-year-old Muslim woman who lost her husband and three children in the May 2000 violence, said the Roman Catholic terrorist "deserved to die for what they did to my family and our community."

Posted by: Real Indonesian | 24 September 2006

Thanks to Johnny Blaze for the tip. TO: "exchristian"/raheem (an angry muslim who hates Christians):

I have noticed your responses are a perfect example of "lying to the infidels in order to support Islam is okay" doctrine so im wasting my breath talking with you . Unlike you I have a very busy life (fighting islam in real life not just online!) so I will end this with a link to those who are interested. Its for a website created by exmuslims (this is not a Christian site most of the writers are secular now). And it reveals all the evil that is Islam TODAY (not "Christianity yesterday as muslimes love to harp on!)


bye for now
George Astro

PS exchristian I dont hate you thats your dept . Thats where you and I are different.

PPS I notice on your website a free exchange of ideas is NOT allowed while on this christian site the christian owner allows your comments AND mine. in your site www.turnto islam.com all comments contrary to islam are NOT allowed. What you are exchristian (and people like you) is so obvious by your being contrary to freedom of speech on your site unlike this site where anyone can comment even if they are against Christianity and post lies about it (like you do!) How come you cant do that on your muslim sites? your hypocrisy is showing ...

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

I was born in an Islamic country to Muslim parents, but I was raised in the United States. Throughout my life, I considered myself to be a Muslim, and I maintained a large arsenal of uninformed apologies, explanations, and blind denials to promote and defend Islam. Of course, I had never once read the Qur'an, and I had relied exclusively on what I heard from my parents, my relatives, my Muslim friends, and the Islamic media.

Then one day, at the age of 26, I decided to read the Qur'an so that I could become a "better Muslim." The first three pages alone shocked me with their illogic and obvious contradictions with the constant claim that Allah was the "most merciful" and "most compassionate," but I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, held on tightly, and pushed ahead with absolute certainty that it would all be explained and would get better. However, it only got worse -- much worse. After reading the Qur'an, I realized that I couldn't possibly endorse Islam as a religion, as a philosophy, as a moral standard, as an ethical code, or even as useful fiction. I determined that these philosophies and this image of Allah could only come from an extremely warped and disturbed person who suffered from an aggregation of the most severe and profound human weaknesses.

Since 1996, I've read and re-read the Qur'an and the Hadiths (which are even worse than the Qur'an), and I've always reached the same conclusion -- Islam is an absolute disaster for the entire world, for Christians, for Jews, for pagans, for atheists, for women, for children, and, most of all, for Muslims themselves.

I've discussed Islam's fundamental weaknesses endlessly with many relatives and friends, and nobody has ever been able to respond in any meaningful way. Nobody has ever been able to manufacture any legitimate story that indicates that Islam is a useful or positive force on this earth. From the Islamic apologists, I hear that somehow the Jews are responsible for my betrayal. I hear that I've been "brainwashed" by the media, which, according to them, is Jewish. I hear that I need to understand Islamic "history" to understand that the unlimited illogic, cruelty, internal inconsistency, and injustice. I hear that somebody, somewhere in some distant Islamic country could validly answer my questions, but the people I speak with can say only that there is some good explanation, but that they don't know enough to tell me. Of course, when those allegedly wise Muslims appear, they themselves can't possibly answer the questions and they play the same game -- it's the Jews, it's the media, I don't know enough Islamic history to understand, and they know somebody 8,000 miles away who could explain it all to me. Ultimately, nobody can sufficiently explain how the Qur'an is anything other than arbitrary, cruel, unjust, evil, and riddled with evidence that it is based on the most profound human weaknesses. I don't use those terms lightly or imprecisely or emotionally. As a matter of dispassionate fact, Islam -- as written in the Qur'an -- is arbitrary, cruel, unjust, and evil, and it contains endless conclusive evidence that the founder of this "religion" suffered from the most intense form of the worst human weaknesses on earth.

Of course, my life has improved drastically since I actually read the Qur'an and realized the obvious human weaknesses from which it originated. I sincerely hope that all Muslims will read the Qur'an and simply think about whether this religion comes from a good person or a bad person, from an intelligent person or from a fool, from good or from evil, from compassion or from cruelty, from justice or injustice, from decency or from depravity -- however anyone wants to define those terms.

I just found this site today, and I'm thrilled to say that I've found here precisely what I've been telling people for many years -- Islam is, in fact, the problem for the entire world, but the biggest problem on earth for Muslims themselves. Unfortunately, in addition to destroying themselves with Islam, the rest of the world is likely to meet its end as soon as true Muslims assemble the weaponry required to destroy the earth.

It's absolutely imperative that the people who I call "pretend Muslims" -- who are the vast majority of people who call themselves Muslims -- disassociate themselves from this bizarre superstition called Islam and from the few true-believers, who rely on the pretend Muslims for their strength and legitimacy. President Bush and others are dead wrong when they say that Islam is a great and peaceful faith that has been hijacked by a few extremists. In fact, Islam is a vile and violent faith that establishes extremism and that has been hijacked by the pretend Muslims who, by their own human decency, have given this barbaric superstition the appearance of legitimacy to the uninformed.

Best wishes to all,

Posted by: Nishad | 26 September 2006

Sorry for bad English but I needed to write to you. I am not very good at it. I am a Muslim. I read your articles and changed my mind about Islam. I was among those who tried to advocate Islam. I thought Osama bin Laden was not a Muslim and I was. Now I see I was not a Muslim and Osama Bin Laden was.

Fortunately I am living in Sweden and I can become an apostate. It is a free country. I was born in Saudi Arabia and if I left Islam in that country I would be killed.

I must change my whole life because I left Islam. It will be hard but I will try to do it because I don’t want to be a Muslim. I no longer visit mosque. I no longer pray. I stopped doing these things. I shaved my face.

I don’t promise to become a Western man in a day but I already began changing.

My family is living in Saudi Arabia . I will not tell them about my decision because they are very intolerant.

I hope all Muslims will leave Islam. And it will happen. Islam is inhumane. You can’t be a human and a Muslim at the same time. Most Muslims will choose to be humans. It is for sure.

I was a Muslim but I didn’t want to kill non-Muslims. I didn’t think about such verses in the Quran. I thought it was to be practiced only in the 7th century.

I am a father. I have a one-year-old daughter. Her mother died when she was having her. My daughter will not be a Muslim woman. She will be a western woman. She will receive education and have a career. I will do everything I can to do it.

It is really funny that I read the Quran million times but I didn’t see things that you wrote in your articles. You made me stop being blind.

Thanks for your site. You made me a better human being. No, you made me a human being. Before it I was a Muslim.

My sister who is also in Sweden left Islam long time ago but I didn't know. When I told her I had left Islam she was very happy. We are now friends. My family (and me before I left Islam) didn't like her because she did everything to leave Saudi Arabia and go to free countries. She hated Islam from her childhood. It is in her nature. She always wanted to peruse a career. She is doing it now. She says Islam is unbearable for women (especially in Saudi Arabia ).

I read all articles on your site. It took me some months. I made my own investigation. I talked to my Imam. He didn't answer my questions.

P.S. I hope things will improve in your mother country. Iranians are the most intelligent and educated among other Muslims.

Thank you very much! I know my English is awful but I live in Sweden and Swedish was more important to me!

Posted by: Sahid | 26 September 2006

When I was a teen I attended a catholic high school (only for one year) and was required to read the New Testament. It was at this point that I became fascinated with religion and spirituality. For me, coming from an agnostic background where religion was generally ignored, the New Testament was an inspiration and deeply moving. I never bought into the simplistic aspects of Christianity, the creation of the world in seven days, Adam and Eve, etc. but was drawn by the message of love, ethics and a sense of purpose for this worldly existence. Interest in Christianity and religion in general led me to investigate other religions and spiritual paths: Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Native American spirituality, and ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. I became a voracious reader of ancient religious and spiritual scriptures of various different cultures. Eventually I came across Islamic mysticism (Sufism). I read all the books I could find on the topic and was particularly impressed with the works of Idries Shah

Sufism seemed to me to be the most sensible and relevant form of spirituality for modern society. It appealed to my disdain of organized religion and meaningless rituals, it stressed one should be “in the world but not of the world” and the ultimate goal is not a location or reward, i.e. “Heaven” but a reality: spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. Sufism did not appear to be at odds with modern science and did not demand that one reject sensible theories such as evolution and physics. Sufism in fact, was presented as a science itself (tasawwuf). Sufism was described as the inner meaning of Islam, the interior kernel, which was protected by an exterior shell, composed of the formal laws and doctrine of Islam. Islamic poetry, particularly Persian, was shown to be a vehicle in which Sufi mystics hid spiritual knowledge in the worldly praise of love and pleasure. The Quran was alleged to contain seven layers of understanding, each one more sublime, which would become apparent as one progressed in spiritual understanding. For me Sufism legitimized Islam.

The first time I read the Quran in translation I was disappointed, as it seemed to lack the inspirational message of other religious scriptures. I contented myself with the fact that I would probably need to read it in the original Arabic to obtain its spiritual message. I undertook the daunting task of learning classical Arabic. I studied Arabic for four years and I’ll admit I never became fluent in speaking the language but I was able to read it (with some difficulty and the constant need of a dictionary!).

Shortly before the first Gulf war I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia. I had recently graduated from college and felt this would be an excellent opportunity to really learn Arabic fluently. I was told it would be best if I became a Muslim to accept the position since the family that owned the company lived in Mecca and if I didn’t become a Muslim I would have to find a place to live in Jeddah. To me it seemed a mere formality so I said I would become Muslim. Fortunately, as it would turn out, I was unable to take this job because of the war.

Though I didn’t get the chance to work in Saudi Arabia, I became increasingly interested in traditional Islam and decided to investigate a local mosque close to where I lived. I went there several months to study the Quran in Arabic and it was here that I first came across aspects of Islam, which really troubled me. The members of the Mosque seemed genuinely delighted that an American would be interested in Islam and were very welcoming but they were less than enthusiastic about American culture. My interest was to learn more about the Quran but instead I ended up listening to sermons, which seemed to be primarily concerned with politics and condemnation of perceived Western values. Though most of the Moslems at this mosque were not Arabs they seemed to be obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian issue and yet I never heard them mention anything about injustices done to Moslems by other fellow Muslims such as the massacre of the Kurds in Iraq, civil war in Afghanistan or the slaughter of thousands of Algerians by extremists. It was also there that I first heard such alarming ideas as the consequences for apostasy and various other “enlightened” aspects of the shari’a. These ideas seemed rather cult like. I found no spirituality in the company of traditional Moslems. Eventually I decided to leave and never returned.

I still did not make the connection that this was what Islam was really all about because I rationalized that the “inner” message of Islam was about spiritual knowledge and these people were obsessed with the outward forms of religion, not it’s true message. I began to read the Hadith and the biography of the Prophet (Sirat-un-Nabi) to gain a better understanding of Islam’s message and to weigh it against the values I understood from the perspective of Sufism. It was at this point that I began to have my doubts about the spirituality of the Prophet Muhammad. The commandments of the Quran and Hadith seemed to advocate a brutal, inflexible ethics lacking in any redeeming values. The biography of Muhammad was filled with examples of violence and questionable deeds for one who was supposedly guided by a God of love and peace. The biography put into context many of the Suras of the Quran and left the impression of a revelation whose purpose was to explain and justify Muhammad’s worldly deeds. The requirements for everyday conduct seemed to be more of a burden than a guide for a meaningful life. What is the true spiritual meaning of wiping the top of your feet before you pray? Or the prohibition of wearing silk! Will your prayer from the heart not be accepted because you didn’t perform a proper Wudu? Why is Islam against adoption? Is it a religious duty to hate and kill Jews and unbelievers? And always, the primitive threat of Hell! Even the reward for a “righteous” life seemed to lack any spiritual grace and refinement. Essentially an eternal cosmic orgy!

I didn’t reject Islam outright; rather, I slowly drifted away from it as the realities became more and more unsavory. Increasingly I distanced myself from the rigid views and doctrines espoused by Islam and tried to associate with the more benign views of the religion, which I felt was its true meaning. I clung to ideas such as “the true jihad in Islam is against one’s lower nature”, and “there is no compunction in religion”, which allowed me to rationalize the notion that most Muslims in the world were simply not following the real Islam. In fact it was I who was not following it!

I still believed that there were decent “moderate” Moslems although I was always surprised that they were nowhere to be found or heard from after any of the increasingly common Islamic atrocities were committed around the world. Although most Moslems in the US stress that the actions of a “few” extremists do not define the religion, I could see that almost the entire Islamic world took great delight in the WTC tragedy. If there was ever a time for the “real Islam” to show itself and denounce the “perversion” of it’s true teachings it was after this event. Instead Muslims seemed to rationalize that it was justified because of all the terrible things America is doing to the Muslim world (probably much worse than what the Mongols did!) or they concocted fanciful conspiracy theories about how the Israelis carried out the attacks to discredit Islam. I was stunned and appalled at the primitive stupidity and barbarity of the Islamic world’s reaction to this outrage. Only Iranian people seemed to show any sympathy to the victims and I’m sure it was mainly those who are fed up with Islam. I found myself making excuses to others that this was not what Islam really teaches but it began to sound less and less convincing. I became aware that my life was based on contradictions. On the one hand my sense of right and wrong were based on my upbringing and the society that had raised me, yet the Islamic faith that I had embraced appeared to be the antithesis of these values. After 9/11 I realized that I just couldn’t make excuses for the outrages being committed in the name of Islam. The religion itself is fatally flawed. How could one have any affiliation whatsoever with such a doctrine?

For years now the books were gathering dust in the garage, as I have lost all outward affiliation and interest in Islam. I guess I just became a “bad Muslim”. The final break for me was the sight of slaughtered school children in the recent tragedy in Beslan, Russia carried out by Islamic “freedom fighters”. I grabbed my Yusuf Ali Quran, along with several other books about Fiqh, prayer, Muhammad’s life, etc., took them out back and shot them full of holes. I then tossed the tattered remnants into the barbeque and watched them burn to ashes. I felt a great sense of freedom and a final purge from this barbaric creed as the pages and words twisted and disappeared in the flames!

There may be a spiritual reality in Sufism but if there is it was not derived from Islam or Muhammad. Islam teaches that the good that comes to you is from God and the bad is from yourself (I wonder what the children of Beslan did to earn their punishment?) I think it would be more appropriate to say that any good in the Islamic world comes from somewhere else and the bad is all from Islam!

I would conclude by saying that I’m very fortunate to live in a country, which allows people the freedom to believe or not believe in any religion they choose. I have the utmost respect for those who live in the tyranny of Islamic countries and decide to think for themselves and live by their conscience, often with the consequences of great personal hardships and danger to their lives. To all such people everywhere I look forward to the day when you can live your lives in freedom and peace.

Posted by: just tired of it all | 26 September 2006

Major Canadian Christian Missionary Converts to Islam
Dr Garry Miller a very important Christian missionary converted to Islam and became a major herald for Islam may Allah reward Dr Miller.

Posted by: Miller Tyme | 26 September 2006

I have always questioned the necessity of religion in our lives and the inhuman and illogical practices in many religions including Islam. You might wonder what had triggered my distaste for religion. It all started in my schooldays when I witnessed the slaughter of a dear Hindu friend of mine (along with his entire family members) in Chandpur, Bangladesh. I can never erase that memory from my mind. That was a devastating experience, no doubt. But more shocking thing was that many Muslims were actually happy about that and even went further to support the idea that we (Muslims) should kill more Hindus because the Muslims in India are being slaughtered too. It was also declared by some Muslim clerics that killing of non-muslims is an act of jihad and therefore, any one participating in jihad will be rewarded with heaven. At that tender edge I knew very little of Islam and nothing about other religions. However, the little conscience inside me told me that what was being done and what was being practiced were not right. However, I had little power to change the course of event.

The other incident involves my life itself. I nearly died when the Pakistani soldiers and their fanatic supporters attacked the University residential halls on the dark night of 25th. March, 1971. I still do not know how I escaped the near death when most of my dear Uni friends were killed. There were bullets in every places. Somehow or other I could cross the high walls which may be impossible for me to do now. There were many other incidents during that period and just prior to our liberation when I escaped near death from the fanatic followers of Islam. Any way, I do not want to burden you with those details. But all those incidents have spawned the seed of deep religious distrust in my mind. At that time many of my friends also shared the similar views with me. And naturally, I felt very happy that we have come to the end of religious tyranny.

But alas! As strange as it me seem now, many of those dear Uni friends of mine have really become fanatic followers of Islam now. Many of them I met in my overseas life. They have spent a good part of their lives in the middle-east. They openly support some of the actions by the Pakistan army and their fanatic followers. They strongly support the forced conversion of the entire world population to Islam. And only then, they say, 'there will be peace'. Even in a country like Australia many of them dare to say 'we came to Australia to rid the people of their sinful activities and convert them to Islam'. One of their mottos is to build a mosque in every suburb of Australia. Of course, these are laughing matters in place like Australia. Whenever I meet these old pals it really breaks my heart. When I asked them what had caused such an opposite change in them; they readily admit that they were greatly influenced by the Arabs. Even though many of them really hate the cruel treatment of them (in many cases slave treatment) by the Arabs. But nevertheless, they feel very grateful to them (the Arabs) for giving them employment and good money. Many of these Bangali are proud to dress like Arabs. They have literally wiped out the memory of genocide in Bangladesh and some of them really justify the genocide to purify Islam. This had led me to conclude that Islam is nothing but the preservation of Arab haegemony and the enslavement of the poor people of countries such as Bangladesh.

The strange thing is that none of these Islamists really want to migrate to any Islamic country. None of them chose to live in an Islamic society. Why? The simple truth was that none of those Arab countries want them. These countries are for the Arabs only. Where is the Islamic brotherhood? The Arabs are very clever people. They have used Islam as a powerful bait to continue the age old tradition of slavery in the 21st. century format. My guess is that this will continue escalating while the oil price keeps soaring. These fanatics use the openness, fairness and the democratic institutions in countries like Australia to propagate their poisonous doctrines.

Surely you are disturbed and concerned about the hate mails that you have already received and you will surely continue to receive in future. Probably they (the fanatics) may even threaten your life. But these hate mails are a blessing in disguise. They confirm the real colour of the religion. The closing of your web site, if you really look from the positive point is a good one. It (the closing) clearly shows that the Islamists cannot ignore you any more, that you did create a great impact on the minds of rational thinkers for which many Mullahs really feel threatened. Please do not despair. You are not motivated by money; you are not motivated by honours and accolades, you are not motivated by a PhD, you are not motivated by leadership, you are not motivated by prestige. All we want is a fair go for humanity, a world free of religious bigotry, religious cruelty and religious unfairness.

Posted by: anonymous | 26 September 2006

you are wrong if you think that in islam is evil for killing unbelievers. muslims have every right to kill so called "innocent" americans and others. If you dont believe in Islam you do not have a right to live. so believe with us or we will kill you whenever and however we can.
islam is the future

Posted by: islam is the future | 26 September 2006

Muhammed was a pedophile!!



Posted by: Ron | 26 September 2006

NEWARK, N.J. A convicted sex offender who was named pastor of a city church several weeks ago has been removed from the post. Shiloh Baptist Church leaders had hired the Rev. Chavalis T. Williams in mid-March, even though they knew he had pleaded guilty in Florida to charges of child abuse and using children in a sexual performance. (Newsday, May 7, 2003)
Convicted sex offender removed as pastor of Newark church


Posted by: Rev. Chavalis T. Williams | 26 September 2006

Tinley Park, IL. For the second time in two weeks, a Baptist pastor from New Lenox has been charged with molesting a child — and prosecutors said they are looking for more victims. Dennis Larry Shaw, 53, of the 2100 block of Sanford Drive, New Lenox, was charged Monday with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl, according to the Will County state's attorney's office. On Jan. 31, Shaw was arrested on similar charges after a parishioner's 12-year-old daughter alleged she was fondled by the pastor inside the church between October and December, prosecutors said. (Daily Southtown, February 11, 2003)
Minister again charged with molestation


Posted by: Minister Dennis Larry Shaw | 26 September 2006

The largest Muslim country in the world today is Indonesia, having over 200 million citizens, never saw a Muslim soldier. Islaam spread there and in Malaysia and Philippines by trade. That was also the case of Islaam’s spread in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Chad and Niger. Also, Islaam is the fastest growing religion in America today with anywhere between 300 and 500 converts daily. This is taking place without any soldiers or even missionaries

Posted by: Cik Mohd | 26 September 2006

Thats a laugh. I was born in Iran and grew up there. Having sex with a young girl virgin ( 7 or 8 years old ) was okay in certain areas if you had her parents permission and married her. In Iran it happens all the time but its no big deal so its not in the papers. In the West child rape is wrong and so if some religious guy does it its in the papers. Having sex with a little girl is wrong but in Iran it was all the rage. I even read in the Qur'an the Prophet had sex with little girl. You know in Iran they rape female prisoners before killing them because only virigns can go to paradise so they wanted them to go to hell. I am proud of being a Persian but until my people leave the evil of Islam I will not be a part of their hate . Thank God I live in the USA now and not Iran anymore (an Islamic Republic).

Muhammed prophet of Allah (piss be upon him)

Posted by: persian | 30 September 2006

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals.

The Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) party said on its Web site it would be officially registered Wednesday, proclaiming: “We are going to shake “The Hague awake!”


Posted by: Christian pedohiles start political party | 01 October 2006

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