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20 September 2006

Group's Warning to the West: Convert to Islam or Be Killed

medium_DSC00974.JPGCAIRO, Egypt -- An al-Qaida-linked extremist group warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that he and the West were "doomed," as protesters returned to the streets across the Muslim world to demand more of an apology from the pontiff for his remarks about Islam and


The Mujahedeen Shura Council, an umbrella organization of Sunni Arab extremist groups that includes al-Qaida in Iraq, issued a statement on a Web forum vowing to continue its holy war against the West. The authenticity of the statement could not be independently verified.

The group said Muslims would be victorious and addressed the pope as "the worshipper of the cross" saying "you and the West are doomed as you can see from the defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere. ... We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax, then the only thing acceptable is a conversion (to Islam) or (killed by) the sword."

Islam forbids drinking alcohol and requires non-Muslims to pay a head tax to safeguard their lives if conquered by Muslims. They are exempt if they convert to Islam.

In Indian-controlled Kashmir, meanwhile, shops, businesses and schools shut down in response to a strike call by the head of a hard-line Muslim separatist leader to denounce Benedict. For the third day running, people burned tires and shouted "Down with the pope."

Protests also raged in Iraq, where angry demonstrators burned an effigy of the pope in Basra, and in Indonesia, where more than 100 people rallied in front of the heavily guarded Vatican Embassy in Jakarta, waving banners that said the "Pope is building religion on hatred."

The pope on Sunday said he was "deeply sorry" about the angry reaction to his speech last week in which he cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of Islam's Prophet Muhammad as "evil and inhuman" and referred to spreading Islam "by the sword."

Benedict said the remarks came from a text that didn't reflect his own opinion.

"I hope that this serves to appease hearts and to clarify the true meaning of my address, which in its totality was and is an invitation to frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect," he said during his weekly appearance before pilgrims in Italy.

The statement of regret - the pope's second in two days - helped ease some tensions.

In Turkey, where outrage against Benedict's remarks had been swift, Catholic bishops decided Monday that no changes were necessary in his upcoming visit in November - his first to a Muslim country, Vatican spokesman George Marovic said.

Marovic said the trip was expected to go on as planned, and the bishops had discussed the details of a religious ceremony the pontiff is to lead in Istanbul.

However, State Minister Mehmet Aydin, who oversees the religious affairs in Turkey, said he expected Turkish authorities to cancel the visit if Benedict does not offer a full apology.

"We are expecting the authorities to unilaterally cancel this visit. The pope's coming to Turkey isn't going to foment the uniting of civilizations, but a clash of civilizations," he said.

The secretary-general of the Turkish HUKUK-DER law association submitted a request to the Justice Ministry asking that the pope be arrested upon entering Turkey.

The appeal by Fikret Karabekmez, a former legislator for the banned pro-Islamic Welfare Party, called for Benedict to be tried under several Turkish laws, among them obstruction of freedom of belief, encouraging discrimination based on religion, and inciting religious hatred.

A prosecutor in the ministry will evaluate the request and decide whether to open a case.

Angry reactions also persisted in other corners of the Muslim world, where many demanded more of an apology by the pope than Sunday's statement of regret.

"Muslims have all this while felt oppressed, and the statement by the pope saying he is sorry about the angry reaction is inadequate to calm the anger - more so because he is the highest leader of the Vatican," Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar said.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on national television in Pakistan the pope had apparently forgotten it was Christianity that was spread by the sword during the Crusades.

Elsewhere, protesters rallied in the city of Muzaffarabad, in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir. "His apology is not sufficient because he did not say that what he said was wrong," said Uzair Ahmed, from Pasban-e-Hurriyat, a Pakistani political group.

Even in China, where the government exerts tight controls over religious activities, a top religious official said Benedict had insulted the nation's Muslims.

"This has gravely hurt the feelings of the Muslims across the world, including those from China," Chen Guangyuan, president of Islamic Association of China, was quoted as saying in an interview with the Xinhua news agency.

In the Middle East, where Muslims threw firebombs at seven churches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the weekend, Christian leaders posted guards outside some churches.

"We are afraid," said Sonia Kobatazi, a Christian Lebanese, after Mass at the Maronite Christian St. George Cathedral in Beirut, Lebanon, where about a dozen policemen carrying automatic weapons stood guard.

Christians - a minority in the Mideast that varies from nearly 40 percent in Lebanon to tiny communities in the Gulf states - generally live in peace with the majority Muslims. But relations are sometimes strained and outbreaks of violence have occurred in recent years. Some worry the flap over the pope will lead to a new round.

The protests and violence have stirred up memories of the fury over cartoons that were published in a Danish newspaper of the Prophet Muhammad. Angry demonstrations took place in many countries, and some of the violence was directed at Western targets and Christian churches.
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Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian Islamic activist and former deputy prime minister:
“Never in Islam's entire history has the action of so few of its followers caused the religion and its community of believers to be such an abomination in the eyes of others. This is what Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists and sponsors have done to Islam and its community worldwide by their murder of innocents at the World Trade Center in New York and the Defense Depart-ment in Washington. The attack must be condemned, and the condemnation must be without reservation.”
Anwar Ibrahim, “Growth of Democracy Is the Answer to Terrorism,” International Herald Tribune, October 11, 2001

Posted by: Arkhee | 20 September 2006

It is moderate muslims like yourself Arkhee that can actually have a chance at bringing back an Islam that Ibrahim sees as the correct interpretation. Sorry but as it stands now Islam has been equated with other dark movements --I regularly get threats from Muslims when I critque them even if I do it gently. Sooo I ve stopped doing it gently.! Sorry I cant take it anymore! your 'brethern' are out of control. When I critisize Jews or Buddhists I NEVER got death threats! Before I became a Christian I was an athiest and would critisize Christians, do you know what happened?
I got emails saying they would pray for my soul but no threats of "hunting you down and killling you" like I did from Muslims AND the things I said when I was an atheist against Christianiy were far far worse then thouse I said about Islam.
I agree the killings against innocents must die AND the hatred against Israel. No offense they have a right to exist --deal with it.
George (a gentile) Astro

Posted by: George Astro | 20 September 2006

Examples of the Prophet
Muhammad’s Sayings
"Beware of extremism, for it is that which killed the people before you."

Posted by: Arkhee | 20 September 2006

This war on terror might well be compared to the failed War on Drugs and the nearly forgotten War on Poverty. No clear victory has yet been achieved over the misuse of drugs or the ravages of poverty within our own nation. Our prisons are overflowing with drug offenders, with no appreciable lessening of either demand or supply of illegal drugs, and our basic civil rights have been badly mauled. Just like those failed campaigns, the War on Terrorism for the foreseeable future will set us all on a costly course of restrictions on individual freedom, ever more centralised authority and omnipresent fear.

Posted by: Tyrone | 26 September 2006

Mr Astro
while your statement about moderate muslims is one that muslims like to hear I need to tell you that as one who was a muslim I know your statement is not true. There are no "moderate muslims" What I mean is there are no moderates in terms of the qur'an and other writings. 'moderates' are those who don't follow the clearly stated teachings of jihad against unbelief in the world of war ( where unbelievers rule).
A friend of mine (also one who used to be a muslim) found this article that explains it perfectly.
Please click onto the link:

Posted by: Shamir Pirani | 26 September 2006

Thats so true Tyrone and we have muslim extremism to thank for it. I dont see airport security tighting up because of TV evangelists!

19 muslims (called the magnificant 19 in mosques) slammed into the trade towers and america was changed so that know our freedoms are being limited

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

Thanks to Johnny Blaze for the tip. TO: "exchristian"/raheem (an angry muslim who hates Christians):

I have noticed your responses are a perfect example of "lying to the infidels in order to support Islam is okay" doctrine so im wasting my breath talking with you . Unlike you I have a very busy life (fighting islam in real life not just online!) so I will end this with a link to those who are interested. Its for a website created by exmuslims (this is not a Christian site most of the writers are secular now). And it reveals all the evil that is Islam TODAY (not "Christianity yesterday as muslimes love to harp on!)


bye for now
George Astro

PS exchristian I dont hate you thats your dept . Thats where you and I are different.

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

Thanks to Johnny Blaze for the tip. TO: "exchristian"/raheem (an angry muslim who hates Christians):

I have noticed your responses are a perfect example of "lying to the infidels in order to support Islam is okay" doctrine so im wasting my breath talking with you . Unlike you I have a very busy life (fighting islam in real life not just online!) so I will end this with a link to those who are interested. Its for a website created by exmuslims (this is not a Christian site most of the writers are secular now). And it reveals all the evil that is Islam TODAY (not "Christianity yesterday as muslimes love to harp on!)


bye for now
George Astro

PS exchristian I dont hate you thats your dept . Thats where you and I are different.

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

PPS I notice on your website a free exchange of ideas is NOT allowed while on this christian site the christian owner allows your comments AND mine. in your site www.turnto islam.com all comments contrary to islam are NOT allowed. What you are exchristian (and people like you) is so obvious by your being contrary to freedom of speech on your site unlike this site where anyone can comment even if they are against Christianity and post lies about it (like you do!) How come you cant do that on your muslim sites? your hypocrisy is showing ...

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

My real name is Qadir Sheikh, I am an Indian and I was a Muslim till 7/7. I tried to find out what prompted these 3rd generation Muslims in Britain to kill themselves and others, in that quest I went to my local Maulvi in the mosque and in a bizarre twist of arguments and counter arguments led to angered arguments and freely flying abuses and insults from the Maulvi. My kuffr was that the Maulvi did not like the questions he also did not have the answers and called it a highly unislamic behaviour to ask forbidden questions which challenge the validity of the Quran. One of my questions was that whom should a person owe more allegiance to, his maadr-e-watan (motherland) or the Ummah (Nation of Islam)? Which led us to argue how much a true Muslim each of us was and since how many generations? In the end I was called a "kaafir" (some who commits a kuffr [balsphemy]) and physically thrown out of the same mosque, where I had offered my namaaz (obligatory prayer) for the last 37 years, by the Maulvi's assistants.

That led me to investigate the land records of my family and led me to the identity of my Hindu ancestors (just five generations back) and I have since decided to come back to the Hindu culture if not the religion. I feel that my Hindu ancestors were subjected to torture and humiliation and also had to pay jaziya taxes which they could not afford due to drought in the region which finally led them to accept Islam. Though I continue to keep my Muslim name (due to records in many places like my school certificates, driving licence, bank a/c etc.) I have stopped practising Islam and I have become a murtad (apostate), kaafir or both, as Islam classifies me. I have added 786 to my email name because I believe there is something magical and special about it as I believe that Allah (God) has as many names as there are languages in this world. Allah means Bhagwaan/Ishwar in Hindi and God in English. But the local mullahs anywhere in the world are still required to call for azaan in Arabic language only. "Allah-u-Akbar" means "God is great" or "Ishwar mahaan hai". This is nothing but cultural dominance and imperialism of the Arabs via the vehicle of religion.

But many Hindus think in India that "Allah-u-Akbar" is a war cry and a call to kill the non-Muslims. Oh my God!.... what a blasphemy has been committed and is being committed in Allah's name by the Muslims themselves. I realise that I have more Hindu blood in my veins than Mughal blood and it's time that I woke up the rest of my community in India to this fact and not get into clashes with their Hindu brethren with whom they share genes, food, culture, motherland, economy, language and everything else except this foreign religion brought in forcefully by the Arab looters and invaders and forced upon them under the blade of sword. Killing of Hindus in the past is nothing to be proud of by the Muslims but should be a matter of sorrow for all Muslims in India because all our ancestors were Hindus and were forced to convert to Islam under threat. Converting to Islam does not mean that we Muslims in India become Arab. So I am trying to awaken Muslims of all ethnicities in India to this fact that how they are being misled by these mullahs everyday. Islam was suited to the kind of social situation, which was prevalent in Arabia of Mohammed's times.

I was recently very upset about the formulation of Muslim marriage laws by AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) there were hardly any women in the board meeting. I do not understand what kind of marriage laws can be discussed and formulated without the participation of women in equal numbers. What kind of marriage laws can be discussed by a group consisting only (or mostly) of men? What is the guarantee of honour of my educated and good sisters when they get married tomorrow under these Muslim marriage laws formulated by someone in Arabia and interpreted by someone in India? How can I prevent my future brother-in-laws from dumping my good sisters and marrying other women? I realised that in the whole we Muslims are doing nothing but marrying each others sisters only to use, abuse and dump them in the end like Mohd. Azaharuuddin (former Indian cricket captain) has done by divorcing his first wife who is much more beautiful and cultured then the (witch) Sangeeta Bijlani that he has married. Whereas Janaab Sunil Dutt (a Hindu) remained faithful to his wife Nargis (a devout Muslima) throughout his life and did a lot of khidmat (service, care) to her while she was ill with cancer. She lived and died like a true Muslima. She was never forced to convert to Islam by Sunil Dutt.

Whereas Islam appeals to corrupt men like Dharmendra (a famous actor in India) who converted to it and use Islam to have two wives. I am still worried about my sisters who are about to get married in a couple of years time according to Muslim marriage laws that will be prevalent in India as the mullahs here are hell bent upon making these laws more and more anti woman rather than man-woman harmoniums relationship oriented. The mullahs are also demanding Qazi courts (sharia courts) to be given recognition which in the end will totally bar Muslim women from seeking justice through Indian laws in case of extreme abuse and injustice under Muslim laws. My fiancée’s first question was whether I would dump her or marry another girl if I started liking another girl after marriage to her. It is of course easier to be tempted to give in to your baser nature when your religious laws also encourage disloyalty to your wife.

Recently a Muslim woman called Imrana was raped by her father-in-law and when she went to the mullahs for justice they first rebuked her for making this matter public and then accused her of low morals and then ordered her to marry her father-in-law. What an embarrassing and shameful day it was for me in my office when my Hindu colleagues were discussing this incident and enquiring from me rather innocently if it was the norm in Muslim society?

Also disturbing is the arrival of rich old Arabs in the Hyderabad city of India who marry young Indian Muslim girls in connivance with the local mullahs for a period of 15-30 days, after satisfying their lust using the Indians Muslim girls and enjoying the Indian hospitality, these Arabs divorce the girls after robbing them of their virginity and respect and return to their lands as respectable grand fathers and fathers. Their shameful acts remain unknown to their own daughters and grand daughters of equal age back home. What is disturbing is that these Arabs are even rented out rooms made conveniently in the homes of these maulvies who perform these sham marriages. In some cases these marriages last only 24 hours. In reality Islam promotes prostitution and the mullahs are nothing but pimps. Very soon India might become the centre of legalized, sharia-approved prostitution, a Mecca of fornication sought by Muslim men mostly from the Arab world.

In the end I got my answers at your website http://www.faithfreedom.org/Authors.htm and saw many Muslim names there. I like the many articles written by the ex-Muslims rather than by the Christians who can sometimes criticize something without knowing about it from inside. I want more and more ex-Muslims to write on your site, which I believe will lend more credibility to the fact that Islam is stifling the Muslims and hampering their progress in the 21st century. First of all a faith should allow the freedom of questioning and debate, which Islam does not allow. That's why I was humiliated and thrown out of the mosque despite having been a devout Muslim and doing my namaaz prayers in the same mosque for the last 37 years.

My real hero is Janaab A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam who is a great Indian scientist and has been rightly honoured by the majority Hindu India by making him the president of India, rather than put to shame in front of the entire nation by the President of Pakistan himself and later put into house arrest like Janaab A.Q. Khan of Pakistan.

My other heroes are Janaab Ali Sina (you), Janaab Shah Rukh Khan, Janaab Salman Khan, Janaab Zayed Khan, Janaab Javed Akhtar, Mohtarma Shabana Azmi, Janaab Sohail Ilyaasi, Janaab Salmaan Khursheed and many other moderate Indian Muslim personalities. Though I am not a Muslim anymore.

I need your teams' help in reaching out to all the Muslims of Indian origin through this site.

Allah (God) Haafiz.
Qadir Sheikh alias Kaafir786

Posted by: Qadir | 26 September 2006

I posted on this site and faith freedom thanks to a friend of mine on here. All muslims need to change of their hatred of nonmuslims and then I invite them to do the same.

Posted by: Qadir | 26 September 2006

Sorry for bad English but I needed to write to you. I am not very good at it. I am a Muslim. I read your articles and changed my mind about Islam. I was among those who tried to advocate Islam. I thought Osama bin Laden was not a Muslim and I was. Now I see I was not a Muslim and Osama Bin Laden was.

Fortunately I am living in Sweden and I can become an apostate. It is a free country. I was born in Saudi Arabia and if I left Islam in that country I would be killed.

I must change my whole life because I left Islam. It will be hard but I will try to do it because I don’t want to be a Muslim. I no longer visit mosque. I no longer pray. I stopped doing these things. I shaved my face.

I don’t promise to become a Western man in a day but I already began changing.

My family is living in Saudi Arabia . I will not tell them about my decision because they are very intolerant.

I hope all Muslims will leave Islam. And it will happen. Islam is inhumane. You can’t be a human and a Muslim at the same time. Most Muslims will choose to be humans. It is for sure.

I was a Muslim but I didn’t want to kill non-Muslims. I didn’t think about such verses in the Quran. I thought it was to be practiced only in the 7th century.

I am a father. I have a one-year-old daughter. Her mother died when she was having her. My daughter will not be a Muslim woman. She will be a western woman. She will receive education and have a career. I will do everything I can to do it.

It is really funny that I read the Quran million times but I didn’t see things that you wrote in your articles. You made me stop being blind.

Thanks for your site. You made me a better human being. No, you made me a human being. Before it I was a Muslim.

My sister who is also in Sweden left Islam long time ago but I didn't know. When I told her I had left Islam she was very happy. We are now friends. My family (and me before I left Islam) didn't like her because she did everything to leave Saudi Arabia and go to free countries. She hated Islam from her childhood. It is in her nature. She always wanted to peruse a career. She is doing it now. She says Islam is unbearable for women (especially in Saudi Arabia ).

I read all articles on your site. It took me some months. I made my own investigation. I talked to my Imam. He didn't answer my questions.

P.S. I hope things will improve in your mother country. Iranians are the most intelligent and educated among other Muslims.

Thank you very much! I know my English is awful but I live in Sweden and Swedish was more important to me!

Posted by: Sahid | 26 September 2006

I have always questioned the necessity of religion in our lives and the inhuman and illogical practices in many religions including Islam. You might wonder what had triggered my distaste for religion. It all started in my schooldays when I witnessed the slaughter of a dear Hindu friend of mine (along with his entire family members) in Chandpur, Bangladesh. I can never erase that memory from my mind. That was a devastating experience, no doubt. But more shocking thing was that many Muslims were actually happy about that and even went further to support the idea that we (Muslims) should kill more Hindus because the Muslims in India are being slaughtered too. It was also declared by some Muslim clerics that killing of non-muslims is an act of jihad and therefore, any one participating in jihad will be rewarded with heaven. At that tender edge I knew very little of Islam and nothing about other religions. However, the little conscience inside me told me that what was being done and what was being practiced were not right. However, I had little power to change the course of event.

The other incident involves my life itself. I nearly died when the Pakistani soldiers and their fanatic supporters attacked the University residential halls on the dark night of 25th. March, 1971. I still do not know how I escaped the near death when most of my dear Uni friends were killed. There were bullets in every places. Somehow or other I could cross the high walls which may be impossible for me to do now. There were many other incidents during that period and just prior to our liberation when I escaped near death from the fanatic followers of Islam. Any way, I do not want to burden you with those details. But all those incidents have spawned the seed of deep religious distrust in my mind. At that time many of my friends also shared the similar views with me. And naturally, I felt very happy that we have come to the end of religious tyranny.

But alas! As strange as it me seem now, many of those dear Uni friends of mine have really become fanatic followers of Islam now. Many of them I met in my overseas life. They have spent a good part of their lives in the middle-east. They openly support some of the actions by the Pakistan army and their fanatic followers. They strongly support the forced conversion of the entire world population to Islam. And only then, they say, 'there will be peace'. Even in a country like Australia many of them dare to say 'we came to Australia to rid the people of their sinful activities and convert them to Islam'. One of their mottos is to build a mosque in every suburb of Australia. Of course, these are laughing matters in place like Australia. Whenever I meet these old pals it really breaks my heart. When I asked them what had caused such an opposite change in them; they readily admit that they were greatly influenced by the Arabs. Even though many of them really hate the cruel treatment of them (in many cases slave treatment) by the Arabs. But nevertheless, they feel very grateful to them (the Arabs) for giving them employment and good money. Many of these Bangali are proud to dress like Arabs. They have literally wiped out the memory of genocide in Bangladesh and some of them really justify the genocide to purify Islam. This had led me to conclude that Islam is nothing but the preservation of Arab haegemony and the enslavement of the poor people of countries such as Bangladesh.

The strange thing is that none of these Islamists really want to migrate to any Islamic country. None of them chose to live in an Islamic society. Why? The simple truth was that none of those Arab countries want them. These countries are for the Arabs only. Where is the Islamic brotherhood? The Arabs are very clever people. They have used Islam as a powerful bait to continue the age old tradition of slavery in the 21st. century format. My guess is that this will continue escalating while the oil price keeps soaring. These fanatics use the openness, fairness and the democratic institutions in countries like Australia to propagate their poisonous doctrines.

Surely you are disturbed and concerned about the hate mails that you have already received and you will surely continue to receive in future. Probably they (the fanatics) may even threaten your life. But these hate mails are a blessing in disguise. They confirm the real colour of the religion. The closing of your web site, if you really look from the positive point is a good one. It (the closing) clearly shows that the Islamists cannot ignore you any more, that you did create a great impact on the minds of rational thinkers for which many Mullahs really feel threatened. Please do not despair. You are not motivated by money; you are not motivated by honours and accolades, you are not motivated by a PhD, you are not motivated by leadership, you are not motivated by prestige. All we want is a fair go for humanity, a world free of religious bigotry, religious cruelty and religious unfairness.

Posted by: anonymous | 26 September 2006

if you do not convert to Islam you will burn in fire I ask all of you to accept the truth of Islam. if you do not you will burn and we will kill you even if it means our death. we have to die as much as you have to live. if we die a martyr we inherit paradise what do you inherit nothing! Islam is the future of the West all other religions must convert or be killed by our swords!

Posted by: islam is the future | 26 September 2006

Muhammed was a pedophile!!



Posted by: Ron | 26 September 2006

for truth seekers read an excellent book on the true nature of islam

Even from the far left (the ever stalwart supporters of all those who hate America) I hear the droning mantra bewailing the supposed characterization of Islam by the extreme acts of an anomalous few. But Spencer does not make such a characterization. Most of this book does not examine the actions of extremists but instead the tenets of Islam itself. His conclusions are well reasoned and documented; and horrifying! If you have ever wondered why the millions of "peace-loving" Muslims have not condemned en mass the Jihadists who spew hatred and spill the blood of innocent people all over the world, then get this book and find out. Spencer concludes that violence is a natural outgrowth of the intolerance taught by Islam. Of course, many of us were taught the myth of Muslim tolerance, yet the Quran famously commands any faithful Muslim to "Slay the Unbelievers wherever ye find them. Seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them? (Quran 9:5) It is a verse that is not lifted out of context or a rare anomaly or mitigated by the larger body of teaching (as the nonviolent verses of the New Testament clearly abrogate the descriptions of violence contained in the Old Testament) but, is in fact, only one of many such incitements to violence. Spencer believes that such violent leanings are endemic to Islam and explain the complicity of silence we see from the Muslim world when innocents are murdered by Jihadists.


Posted by: politicallyincorrect | 26 September 2006

you are all wrong islam is a religion of peace. and you are not a pedophile if you marry a girl at 9 years age if she is a fellow muslim and if she is your wife with full permission of the parents. Pedophillia is when the girl is not your wife. The Prophet (peace be upon him ) blessed such marriages and it is a good thing.

Posted by: Aneesh | 26 September 2006

There is not one verse from the bible shows us what is the appropriate age for marriage. Simply there is nothing from the Old Testament nor the New Testament or any thing regarding this issue define the appropriate age for marriage.

According to Christian resources, Mary was 12-14 when she got pregnant. You will also see proofs from the Jews' Holiest Book, the Talmud, that girls were married off before at the age of 3, meaning that the Bible's Old Testament has no age limit on when girls can marry, and certainly the Jews had awfully abused it in the past. You will also that Prophets of the Bible who married hundreds of wives and some had even slept with their neighbor's wives and some had exposed their wives in the most disgusting PORNOGRAPHIC way to the entire world in the Bible.



Posted by: Not only Muhammad but Mary's husband (Joseph) too. | 26 September 2006

Child Sexual Molestation by Baptist Clergy
... child molestation. Holmes had been highly regarded by the members of Bishop Baptist Church. He had been pastor of the church, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist ...

Sexual Predators and the Baptist Church Congregation
... we handle a situation where a child-molester turns to the Lord and wants ... If you are not a Christian, do not use this article to judge Christian New-Testament ...

"Christian" Child Abuse
"Christian" Child Abuse. By Rev. Marie M. Fortune. From "Working Together," Fall, 1983 ... Christians, and not all Christians are child abusers. But a surprisingly high number of reported child abuse cases occur ... confronted by state child abuse prevention workers, resisted ...
www.nospank.net/fortune.htm - 9k - Cached - More from this site

Posted by: Reverend Dicky | 26 September 2006

We all know that there are paedophiles in society regardless of culture or faith or religion etc.. But we are talking about a Prophet, not ordinary human beings! Muhammed was supposedly a messenger from God, why did he marry, preferred lust and waged war as well creating a doctrine of hate?

Prophet muhammed can be summed up in three words, war mongering womaniser, anyone care to challenge those words?

Jesus Christ never married nor had any children, an example of pure greatness.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 28 September 2006

Jozka I am sure you are aware that in order to convict a person of being a pedophile you need a applicable law by which to convict. It would be mute and supercilious to attempt to convict a man 1400 years ago by modern laws. My point is, if you say he is a pedophile, please provide on law in 15th century Arabia that was violated. As pertaining to Muhammad’s (pbuh) Prophet Hood that is gauged by religious laws not secular, so please provide me with one biblical, or Quranical law that was broken by the marriage to Ayesha.

You can duck and dodge and throw slanderous slurs at Muslims and Muhammad but let the room bear witness to the fact that in legal terms a man can not be convicted of an ex post facto law. Every Christian or Jew who can not provide the evidence I request should see these sites below.






Posted by: Exchristian | 28 September 2006

The influence of Muhammed through the medium of the Koran has been enormous It is probable that the relative influence of Muhammad on Islam has been larger than the combined influence of Jesus Christ and St. Paul on Christianity. On the purely religious level, then, it seems likely that Muhammad has been as influential in human history as Jesus.
Furthermore, Muhammad (unlike Jesus) was a secular as well as a religious leader. In fact, as the driving force behind the Arab conquests, he may well rank as the most influential political leader of all time.
by Michael H. Hart


Posted by: apostate_baptist | 28 September 2006

^The above just shows that he was a war-monger.

Why do I need a law to prove the fact that the prophet muhammed was a sicko? A messenger of God, like my Lord Jesus Christ should clean his hands, not use them for pleasure and fighting battles.

Sites such as answering-christianity is nothing but a bunch of single texts taken up by an unhappy muslim, who can not bare the criticism his faith receives, to manipulate people into thinking that Christianity is not what it seems to be whilst ignoring Jesus' teachings.

The West may fall for islam but I won't and I know in Iran (not Saudi Arabia as Christianity is forbidden, punishable by death), muslims are leaving islam as we speak and quite a few are converting to Christianity.

They finally see what islam is really about, they dont fall for the political correctness (i.e. not all muslims are bad and we are "moderates" etc).

If you really want to know strong facts about Christianity and islam, check out http://www.islam-christianity.net/ (it's in english as well).

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 29 September 2006

Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances. Terrorism goes against every principle in Islam. If a Muslim engages in terrorism, he is not following Islam. He may be wrongly using the name of Islam for political or financial gain.

Posted by: Apostate Baptist | 29 September 2006

Islam loves and does support terrorism thats what its all about ! www.faithfreedom.org states the truth.

Ali Sina rules!

Posted by: Apostate Muslim | 30 September 2006

Welcome to the ProIslam.com Links page. This website serves as an excellent resource for anyone who wants to be politically or socially involved with Muslim empowerment in the United States.
Please take the time to visit and register with the following websites. www.meccacentric.com www.muslimconverts.com
www.whyislam.org Peace! :)>-

Posted by: FAITHFREEDOM.COM | 01 October 2006

Pope fears Bush is antichrist, journalist contends - Church - journalist Wayne Madsden - Brief Article
Catholic New Times, May 18, 2003


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Masha Alla

Al hamdou lillah, Islam is growing despite all sorts of plots.

I hope Muslims living in the west will start realizing that our presence here is truly to spread the word of Allah. Making money and getting good degrees is nice, but we shouldn't waste the precious oppotunities that we have to spread the light.

I also hope that some Imams stop calling the west a Kafir world, and that Muslims should not come to the west and stay in the so called Muslim world. Today most people who accept Islam learn it from co-workers, classmates, ...

May Allah guide us all and help us spread his message, ameen


Posted by: convertstoislam.org | 01 October 2006

Its true , yes the reverts to Islam are women more than men . God only knows why .

So Many Women Are Converting To Islam...

According to "The Almanac Book of Facts," the population of women converting to Islam increased 137% within the past decade, Christianity increased 46%, while Islam increased 235%, Alhamdulillah.
In a recent pole in the (US), 100,000 people per year in America alone, are converting to Islam, Subhana-Allah. For every 1 male convert to Islam, 4 females convert to Islam...

Posted by: Muslim convert | 01 October 2006

Funny how the recent comments here are to take people away from the actual debate and promote islam apparently in its "true form."

I am still waiting for the apologies for the invasion and occupation of Spain, the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, kidnapping young Coptic girls and forcing them to convert, the suicide bombings causing outbreaks of violence in Iraq, the suicide bombings in Israel, the murder of Buddhists in Thailand, not allowing any conversion to Christianity in the middle east and the list goes on.

But we all know why islam/muslims won't apologise, simply down to the fact they think they are superior to the rest of non-islamic world. Let me tell you this, the way muslims kill Coptic Christians because they are inferior to islam in the present day, they will have to do the exact same thing to me.

The admin should remove all comments containing ill-relevant links, how about debating about muhammed, whose doctrine was spread by the sword.

Below is for everyone to see, noted by hundreds of historical books...

"For those who accept this, there was a programme of action outlined by Mohammed (Prophet). A umma (community) was to be formed united in "belief in God and the last day", dissociate yourself from the "unbelievers" by making hijra (an exodus) and then eventually start jihad (war) on those unbelievers in order to convert them to the right belief or to bring them to submission. With this creed, Muhammed was able to win much of northern Arabia."

"His successors, Abu Bakr (Muhammed had married 9 year old Aisha, Abu Bakrs daughter) from the years 632-634 AD and Umar from the years 634-644 AD extended this success to the rest of Arabia and then in a series of military campaigns to the whole of the Middle East."

"Tribes lack a coercive apparatus with the result that large-scale coordinated activity is all but impossible for them. Muhammed overcame this difficulty by giving the Arabs a sense of common purpose, one eminently suited a tribal environment, namely to advance God's cause through conquest (jihad fi sabil Allah)."

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 02 October 2006

Jozka, When you think of European culture, one of the first things that may come to your mind is the renaissance. But did you know that long before the renaissance there was a place of humanistic beauty in Muslim Spain?

Many of the roots of European culture can be traced back to Muslim Spain. Not only was it artistic, scientific and commercial, but it also exhibited incredible tolerance, imagination and poetry. Moors, as the Spaniards call the Muslims, populated Spain for nearly 700 years. It was their civilization that enlightened Europe and brought it out of the dark ages to usher in the renaissance. Many of their cultural and intellectual influences still live with us today.


Posted by: Exchristian | 02 October 2006

Actually most crime in America is commited by people with Christian names like, John, James, and Matthew. It is quite obvious that this website is constructed by people who are deaf, dumb,and blind.

And when are the Christians going to apologize for the eradication of the Native American; The enslavement of the African, The Crusades, and the IRA, KKK, and the ethnic clensing in the Balkens?


Posted by: Musa | 02 October 2006

Musa, most people in this world have 'Christian' names but when was it the case that anyone with a Christian name is therefore a practising Christian? I think you will find that most of Europe is non-religious or have no religious affliation. There's a big difference, a typical murder i.e. serial killer, have their own reasons to kill, a small minority perhaps may use religion.

In the islamic world, which Islamic Cleric has apologised for the crimes committed by their prophet muhammed and his successors? None, enough said, theres no need to apologise and neither should the Christians of today because the blood is not on their hands (except of course for the present of thousands of muslims and their violence throughout the middle east).

As for the IRA, as far back in the 1960's, Catholics demanded civil rights and equality, remember 1972? Unless you are need of a history lesson, the British Army shooting dead 13 civilians? This become a recruitment tool and the IRA were able to continue the charades against the state, it then had associations with marxism, which took the charge towards politics.

IRA a religous movement seeking the destruction of England? Pah, they are a bunch of Nationalists movement against the Loyalists, Irish against the British, it so happens to have popluations of Catholics and Protestants. What's Hamas' goal, to destroy the Jewish state of Israel? Of course we all know that.

Where's the same sympathy for the Irish Republican Army where as you have muslims who have sympathy for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, PLO, Muslim Brotherhood and the many islamist groups? There shouldn't be, they all kill and murder, they should be brought to justice, IRA have been curtailed for the time being, when was the last IRA attack let alone threat?

Even today Catholics do not have certain rights in the UK (i.e. No Catholic can become King of England) but do you see me or any Catholic resisting the state in the name of the Catholic Church or Christianity resorting to violence in order to get equality? Again, no.

As for Exchristian's response, you pick bits and pieces of that link, let's show people if there was such a difference in Spain before or after the invasion as stated by the author of that page.
"In Islamic Spain, Jews and Christians were tolerated if they:

- acknowledged Islamic superiority
- accepted Islamic power
- paid tribute (i.e. paid an additional tax) to the Muslim rulers and sometimes paid higher rates of other taxes
avoided blasphemy
- did not try to convert Muslims
- complied with the rules laid down by the authorities.

These included:
-restrictions on clothing and the need to wear a special badge
- restrictions on building synagogues and churches
- not allowed to carry weapons
- could not receive an inheritance from a Muslim
- could not bequeath anything to a Muslim
- could not own a Muslim slave
- a dhimmi man could not marry a Muslim woman (but the reverse was acceptable)
- a dhimmi could not give evidence in an Islamic court
dhimmis would get lower compensation than Muslims for the same injury
Again, on the apologists movement, why should I apologise for the Christian liberation of Spain? Why should I apologise for the angry Serbs retaliation are being pulverised by the Croats, Albanians and Bosnian muslims before Milosevic pounded the KLA?

For everyones information, this website is based on the top part, 'Christians under attack', the crimes against the Coptic Christians which the rest of the world as well as muslims choose to ignore.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 02 October 2006

This article is wrong a 100% , islam never ever forced anyone to believe .

Please Check on google

quran 2:190 (fight in self defense only.

10:108 surely explains it better

2:256 says NO compulsion in islam

8:861 says if they seek peace then seek peace
check 60:07 60:08 and 60:09

Preach islam through kindness 16:125

Had god wished all the people would be muslims
chapter 10:99

Posted by: fatima | 03 October 2006

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